As a foodie, one of the biggest obstacles I can’t avoid is gaining weight.
Hopping from one restaurant to another, preparing delectable dishes at home, how could I avoid food? I manage to exercise regularly with a speedy metabolism and place in mind that a proper diet should be committed. However, I still fail to be on track with my diet at times with all the food tantalizing me daily. I just can’t ignore them easily. I just can’t say NO to this yummy passion. I have to stick with my passion for food through thick or thin. With that said, I am blessed to have a partner (not O) who understands me at the same time takes care of me. Sounds like a love affair huh? It really is! A mutual love I must say.
YSA Skin and Body Experts stands by me to help me not only with my skin but also with my body.
Before any body treatment, I set an appointment with YSA’s resident doctor Dr. Johanna Borra M.D. to consult and seek for expert advice on what treatments should be done for my foodie tummy.
In this room, I honestly told Dra. Borra my primary concern, my chubby tummy.
I eat a lot! I can’t take that out of my system. Even though my metabolism is doing great, most of what I eat slide straight to my body, most especially my tummy. I guess it’s a common foodie problem!
The Procedure:
Dra. Borra recommended Cavislim (Cavitation) to treat my chubby tummy. According to her, my tummy isn’t that huge for any surgical or advanced methods. It’s all about muscle toning and reducing excess tummy fats.
Cavislim uses a technique called cavitation which uses ultrasound technology to break up fat deposits. Using Cavislim is not only limited to your tummy. You have the advantage to choose the specific area where you want to concentrate on. Like all other machines, there are certain precautions and limitations. Cavislim cannot be used in all body parts, especially not for the face. I suggest, consult an expert before proceeding to Cavislim, like what I did.
The Cavislim machine looks like an ultrasound machine.
My skin care advisor Kath gently glided the cavitation machine all over my tummy for around 5 minutes per area. All in all, it took more or less 30 minutes. At first, I was a bit ticklish. After a while, I got used to the gliding all over my belly.
Meet the machine to sexiness! 🙂 I fancy this machine beside my bed! Somebody wrap this as my birthday present, please!
Gliding gel was used as a conductor for the ultrasonic sound waves with my body. Without the gliding gel, Cavislim will lose its effectiveness. Was there any pain? Nope, not a single hint of pain. The smooth gentle massage felt like relaxation more than a slimming treatment.
If you have your period, it isn’t advisable to proceed with Cavislim as it may encounter complications in your system.


The effect: Through this procedure, the fatty tissue breaks into a liquid substance. No wonder I felt like rushing to the toilet to excrete liquid waste. Simple as that. I flushed the fats away!
Results may vary depending on the individual. In my case, I already felt the result after 1-2 sessions. But you know how I eat, I’ll surely go back to YSA and get my Cavislim treatment. Also take note to wait at least 3-5 days after getting another session.
Remember, consult an expert before any procedure.
You think you know best, but your partner might just know better. 😉
Now, my body is ready to eat and party! 🙂
Thank you to my skin and body partner, YSA Skin & Body Experts, for taking care of my foodie tummy!
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Pray, Eat and Love.
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