Ever since Wee Nam Kee brought their famous Chicken Rice from Singapore to Manila, the image of Wee Nam Kee in my eyes became limited to my favorites. The very first time I encountered Wee Nam Kee in Manila was their first branch at Ayala Triangle. Together with friends, we ordered the pride of the restaurant, Cereal Prawns and Hainanese Chicken Rice of course. We didn’t need to browse too much through the menu as we were settled with the 2 dishes alone. From that time on, the taste of Cereal Prawns and Hainanese Chicken Rice flashes me a recall each time I pass by a Wee Nam Kee store, which has added more over time.
Recently, I passed by Wee Nam Kee not to meet my favorite classics but to meet the new line-up on their menu.
Wee Nam Kee introduces their “New Culinary Treasures of Singapore,” a plethora of authentic Singaporean dishes ranging from appetizers, main dishes, noodles, fried rice, dessert and even beverages.

The Food:

Prawn Paste Chicken Wings (Php 218)
Rate: 4/5
Now, Wee Nam Kee offers their version of crispy fried chicken wings in a mild prawn paste batter. They didn’t go wrong with how they prepared these wings. Crispy as how Filipinos like it and savory as how anyone would like their chicken to be done. An added flavor, prawn paste, introduced me to a unique flavor combination as how Wee Nam Kee intended this plate to be.
Cashew Coffee Spareribs (Php 298)
Rate: 4/5
A Chinese-Singaoprean dish that was formulated with the use of Singaporean “kopi” grounds. Semi-sweet in its flavor that kept a composed coffee taste. It generally matches any type of flavored rice offered by Wee Nam Kee.
Salted Egg Chinese Style Fried Chicken (Php 295)
Rate: 4/5
Batter anything with salted egg, I won’t double up my mind whether to eat or not. The ingredient salted egg is enough for me to be in love with any dish. Wee Nam Kee created a version with the use of their crispy fried chicken and oozing signature salted egg batter stamped all over the bottom part of the chicken slices. I like the hint of spiciness care of red chili peppers.
Pineapple Fried Rice with Pork Floss (Php 250)
Rate: 4/5
I normally stick to my old favorite, Wee Nam Kee Chicken Rice to pair my Singaporean main dishes. This time, I opted to get myself to try the new Pineapple Fried Rice with Pork Floss that swims to a sweeter blend of rice. I have nothing against the completeness of this fried rice. But for the flavorful dishes I ordered, I still prefer pairing them with either plain rice or Chicken Rice.
Hainanese Chicken Curry Noodles
Solo (Php 225)
Sharing (Php 368)
Rate: 4/5
A Singaporean journey won’t be complete if you miss out on Laksa. Wee Nam Kee’s Hainanese Chicken Curry Noodles fills in the gap of needing laksa on the menu. What I enjoyed most in this noodle soup is the generous serving of juicy Hainanese Chicken or Roasted Hainanese Chicken. Its chicken broth grooms it with more interesting unique flavors.
Cereal Prawns (Php 495)
Rate: 5/5
I just can’t help it. I can’t leave Wee Nam Kee without my classic favorite, Cereal Prawns. Now I could end my dining with a “Weee!” after being graced with this standout prawn dish.
Milo Dinosaur (Php
Rate: 4/5
O and I will never be old for Milo Dinosaur. Easy to appreciate and enjoy if you have the heart for Milo.
Cucumber Lime Refresher 
Rate: 4/5
A refreshing cooler that I got addicted sipping through was their Cucumber Lime Referesher.

The Ambiance:

O and I got too excited taking photos of the place and our food and forgot about taking my “souvenir” photo with the food. 🙁
Wee Nam Kee maintains a similar ambiance in all their 8 branches in the Philippines. Philippine branches gives its customers a more modern vibe with designed interiors compared to their main hometown branch in Singapore, which is plain, simply casual without any fancy interiors.
With over 30 new items on the menu, I think it’s time for you to head back and try Wee Nam Kee for yourselves.
So tell me, do you think Wee Nam Kee did a great job with their new items on the menu?
Share with me your thoughts! 🙂
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Pray, Eat and Love.
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Location: G/F Promenade 3, Greenhills Shopping Center, Ortigas Ave., Greenhills, San Juan, Metro Manila, Philippines
Contact: (+63 917) 700-8765
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WeeNamKeePH
Instagram: @weenamkeeph
Budget: PHP250++

Food 9/10
Ambiance 8/10
Service 8/10
Cost 9/10
Overall 8.5/10