On a vacation, one of the things I pray for is a bright sunny weather. The weather gets a little control on how activities would run throughout the day. When it rains, change of plans. When it shines, back to original plans. Luckily, our original plan of touring the city wasn’t interrupted. The morning sun shined by the window, a good sign to dress up for our city tour outfits.
Dad coordinated with someone he knows in Palawan for our day-tour package. It was practically just renting a van with a driver who can drive around the city while explaining Palawan’s culture and history. Before the appointment with our tour guide, our hotel’s complimentary breakfast gave us company first.
I’ve always looked forward to family breakfasts. Whether the food is just bread and butter, all I care is the company I’m with. I view it as a time to catch up with the family over simple breakfast food. Our Palawan trip became the venue for us to get to know more about each other and update each other’s lives even though we all live under the same roof. Well, expect for O. Hehe.
Palawan is now a memorable place for me and O as it became the first place where our family traveled together with O.
Friendly Reminder: On a city tour, wear comfortable clothes. Clothes where you can actively jump and play around.
After sucking the heat of the sun by the pool, our tour guide arrived with his 11-seater van.
Like on a field trip, our first stop was like a zoo.
Off to the land of live Hermes. :p

First Stop: Palawan Wildlife Rescue and Conservation Center, formerly known as Crocodile Farm and Nature Park.
As I entered the premises, I instantly had my attention to the skeleton of a water crocodile. I just can’t imagine seeing that water crocodile alive beside me. The huge size is enough to scare me away.
Beside the glass cage of the skeleton, the ladies could call the attraction as “Hermes” skin or crocodile skin hung on the wall. We took our time to read around the small museum about crocodiles.
The short museum trail led us to the Hatchling House.
The Hatchling House is like a Crocodile Day Care Center. Various crocodiles are segregated, depending on their age and maturity stage.
Please don’t copy this guy!
We passed through the Hatchling House and entered the cage of small and big adult crocodiles. Don’t worry, we didn’t exactly enter their strong metal cage. The tourists can walk above and watch the crocodiles through a metal path walk.
Should we get this baby crocodile as our pet? :p
An hour or less, we finished the tour around the wild farm. Aside from crocs, other animals are also taken cared of by the Palawan Wildlife Rescue and Conservation Center.
First stop of our city tour, checked!
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Palawan Wildlife Rescue and Conservation Center
Location: National Highway, San Juan Bldg., beside AIM Global Palawan, Puerto Princesa City, Puerto Princesa, Palawan
Contact: (+63 949) 946-5472