Did you ever wish for snow in Manila?
With the scorching heat of Metro Manila, often I wish for snow to come as a miracle. That’s too dreamy I know. In my day dreams, I just sometimes think of snow falling from the sky when I feel uneasy with the heat.
It may not be real snow but Toblerone brings the spirit of snow through the newly launched Toblerone Snowtop Chocolate!
The newest addition to the line of Toblerone chocolates has arrived with a bang. Last July (sorry for the late post), Toblerone cooled us down at Imperial Ice Bar to show what’s so cool about the newest chocolate bar.
Toblerone Snowtop is a fusion of Swiss milk, white chocolate and honey & almond nougat. By how I look at it, the pretty mountain-looking chocolate is irresistible for anyone who can’t live without sweets.
You can really #MakeSomeonesDay with a chocolate bar like this.
Rodel, TFS and Earth
At the beginning of the program, the host announced several contests we can join in. One of those was a “#Wefie” contest wherein all we had to do was take a “wefie” (plural of ‘selfie’) and post them on instagram with respective hashtags. I sent in 2 entries. The first one includes Rodel of nognoginthecity.com and Earth of earthlingorgeous.com.
Earth, TFS and O
Second photo was at the Toblerone photo wall outside Imperial Ice Bar with Earth and O.
As the party went on, it was a good opportunity to hang out with my YSA co-ambassadors Earth and Yuki.
With Arlene Amante of Mondelez
Someone came in late. Glad to see Arlene at the event!

Imperial Ice Bar, are we feeling hot or are we feeling cold?
Rachel and Arlene of Mondelez with TFS and O
After hours of drinking cocktails and listening to good party music, the snow finally came in!
Toblerone Snowtop showed Metro Manila how to kick it off by throwing in some snow!
Nope, I didn’t do anything crazy on that bar table. 😐
Before the party ended, I was surprised to hear my name when the winners of “Wefie” Instagram contest was announced.
With my co-winners of Wefie Instagram Contest
I sent in two entries. I don’t really know which “wefie” won. Haha!
Once the Ice Room was announced open, we lined up and went straight in with our white snowy jackets.
*Contest Alert*
Get a chance to win a trip for 2 to Switzerland! Follow the steps and you might just be the lucky one to get a treat from Toblerone! 🙂
Will you try the newest Toblerone Snowtop Chocolate?
What do you think of it? Share with me your thoughts! 🙂
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Pray, Eat and Love.
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