A Nice Day starts with a cup of dark brown aromatic coffee. 
Years of being a tea drinker didn’t give me sharp exposure to drinking coffee. Even though my colleagues back then started their day in the pantry with their own mug of coffee that fragranced the room, temptation still didn’t allure me. My strong devotion to drinking tea has covered up the lurking coffee wherever I go – home, church, office, malls, etc.
Part of my growth as a person is to ‘never stop learning’ and ‘always try something new.’ This year, from time to time, I learned appreciating coffee more than before. There is no need to keep my eyes wide awake but my taste buds began to look for it at random times.
I was given boxes of Nice Day Coffee by my YSA Skin & Body Experts family and I couldn’t resist not trying to experience for myself. Nice Day Coffee is a product of Healthwell Nutraceuticals Inc., a subsidiary of YSA Skin Care Corporation.
Nice Day Coffee Slim (Php 180/box)
Three variants of Nice Day Coffee to choose from – Slim, White and Cleanse.
Every box has its purpose. The box that poked me first was Nice Day Coffee SLIM 6 in 1 Coffee Mix. The word slim is an eye-catcher, don’t you think? The coffee mix contains CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) fat burner, L-Carnatine and fiber, all in one cup to aid in weight management.
For coffee drinkers who choose strong, dark or even black for their coffee taste, Nice Day Coffee Slim might be too sweet for you. Its Sucralose adds sweetness that doesn’t give you extra calories. My mom tried it and she found it too sweet for her. I agree, it is sweet even without sugar. But who wouldn’t want a coffee mix that supports your slimming diet? 🙂
Nice Day Coffee White (Php 200/box)
Who said Glutatione can only be injected or contained in small white bottles? Nice Day Coffee White 5 in 1 Coffee Mix contains Glutatione and Collagen, 2 components for a brighter and radiant skin. Like Slim coffee mix, it also has Sucralose for added sweetness without excess calories for the body. But compared to Slim, White coffee mix has a stronger taste and aroma. I can’t say how many you should drink to achieve the “white” color you desire. But for best results, I suggest you should consult a skin advisor like those from YSA Skin & Body Experts.
Nice Day Coffee Cleanse (Php 200/box)
Nice Day Cofee Cleanse 10 in 1 Mix packs all nutrients in one cup of joe. It is said to be a master composition of all the health beneficial sources from Ganoderma. Wait, what? What is Ganoderma? It is called to be the most medicinal mushroom that combats cancer cell growth and proliferation in the body. Aside from that, Cleanse coffee mix contains extracts from Grape Seed, Cranberry, Goji Berry, also called as “superfruit”, Sylimarin, Spirulina and Coconut Sugar as a natural sweetener.
In the morning, I tried a hot cup of Nice Day Cofee Cleanse.
Well actually, this is my favorite, Nice Day Coffee Slim. After a crazy bunch of dishes from restaurants I visit, I’d need a coffee that helps me manage my weight. I can’t go over the borderline, or else it will be difficult to shop for new clothes again. Hehe.
The controversial banned commercial of Ellen Adarna is for Nice Day Coffee.
Have you tried starting your day with Nice Day Cofeee?
Share with me your thoughts! 🙂
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