Starstruck, the word for the night.
One afternoon, while writing a blogpost, my phone rang three times with the name Chef Gene Gonzalez on it. While talking to Chef Gene, my eyes popped out when he told me about the dinner with Bobby Chinn, happening at Cafe Ysabel. Did I even think twice? No way! With a big smile only I can see and feel, I immediately said “Yes!” to Chef Gene. How could I miss an event like this! Would you?
Let’s fast forward to the starstruck evening. As O and I were given seats at Cafe Ysabel, Chef Gino saw me and asked me right away if I wanted to meet Bobby Chinn. “Well of course!” I responded. Together with Chef Gene and Chef Gino, I walked closely to the man I only read in papers and watch on television. Chef Gene called out Bobby’s name and introduced me as the sexy food blogger. What a pressure right there Chef Gene! Haha! Right in front of my face, grabbed and shook my hand with his two hands close to his face, I met Bobby Chinn!! There’s actually a photo of him holding my right hand with his two hands but I’d rather keep it private. Message me if you want to see it. Haha!
After that sweet introduction to each other,  Bobby asked me to sit beside him and that’s where the long conversation about our common passion began, Food!
More than just a chef, a restauranteur, a host and a cookbook author, Bobby Chinn is also a WWF Ambassador, which is the main reason for his visit in the Philippines. Since 2012, Bobby has been partnering with WWF for their campaigns. Third year for being an ambassador, Bobby shared to me his experience in Pico De Loro Batangas for WWF’s event to celebrate Coral Triangle Day and to promote sustainable seafood. It’s more of preserving the natural resources we have in the Philippines, trying to avoid sourcing seafood that will harm the environment.
This culinary figure gained my respect a notch higher. His passion for food and travel is beyond what normal people can imagine. It’s for a good cause, helping this world become a better place.
Aside from his experiences with WWF, Bobby also shared his “The Farm” detox with me plus random topics that kept my eyes and ears focused on him almost the entire evening. I felt like taking out my pen and paper for notes to learn from this culinary genius. Out of everything we talked about, one thing I concluded, he truly loves Asia. He loves the Philippines! So if you’re a Filipino, you better love this country more than foreigners do. There’s so much to love in this country. #itsmorefuninthephilippines
Chef Gene Gonzalez and his Cafe Ysabel team made sure the night wasn’t all about Bobby Chinn. They kept the night more interesting when they started serving the sit down menu specially prepared for all of us in that room.

The Food:

Rosated Crustacean Mousseline with Market Shrimps in Leek Creme Soup
Lapu-Lapu Crusted in Smoked Salt with Whisked Brown Lime Butter and Whelk Croquettes
Buffalo Tenderloin with Green Peppercorn Sauce Smothered with Japanese Mixed Mushroom & Financiere Vol Au Vent
A Progression of Calamansi – Marshmallow, Macarons, Cheesecake, Calamansi Curd
Fantastic line up of dishes! I must say the Progression of Calamansi kept me wanting for more, most especially the cheesecake!
Meet and greet the baby of Philippines’ culinary icons – Chef Gino Gonzalez and Chef China Cojuangco-Gonzalez.
Another highlight of the night was meeting Allison Harvard of America’s Next Top Model. 🙂 What can you say about her eyes?
Thank you Chef Gene for this extra fun-tastic evening!!!
Please bring Bobby Chinn back to Cafe Ysabel. 🙂 Hehe.
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Pray, Eat and Love.
The Food Scout