One hot noon, O and I drove our way to Mall of Asia to witness the newest “buffet” for our favorite cuisine – Japanese. Light EDSA traffic at 11:30 in the morning, a good time to stay out for a food adventure. Since it was our first time to check out this new place, Banzai Japanese Buffet, I had to help him navigate our way using my iPhone’s Google Maps. For a weird reason, Google maps pointed us to the right side near IMAX theater of the mall. We entered the open parking as the scorching sun was heating after parking and walking to the restaurant. However, Google Maps pointed us to the wrong direction. Instead of our left, beside Buffet 101, it directed us to the opposite side. We crossed the street and walked under the noon heat to Banzai Japanese Buffet. Why didn’t I notice the huge Banzai sign?! Oh well. At least we arrived on time for unlimited Japanese food! Yum!
From the same group who created SumoSam, John & Yoko, Mr. Kurosawa and Akira, another Japanese restaurant has been added to the list. This time, we talk about buffet!
Banzai: The Great Authentic Japanese Buffet is now the Philippines’ biggest Japanese buffet. Offering teppanyaki, tempura, sushi, sashimi, etc., Banzai goes all out to serve you a huge variety of your Japanese favorites.
One of the owners, Marvin Agustin said, “We’re very proud of our very extensive Japanese menu.  We have the biggest selection of food in our menu. We use the freshest ingredients and all of that, as well as our raw ingredients, all really come from Japan.”

The Food:

What to expect at Banzai? Here are some Japanese dishes available at the buffet.

Assorted Sushi, Sashimi & Crab Stick
First on my list was to fill my plate with assorted cold Japanese cuts, sushi, sashimi and crab sticks.
A feast of Spicy Tuna Sushi for me!
I tend to ignored Takoyaki stands in commercial malls but Banzai changed my mind this time. I was tempted by its smell and how it looks fresh from the Takoyaki station.
Assorted Teppanyaki dishes freshly prepared upon ordering.
Assorted Tempura
Don’t miss out their Tempura for your kids! (In case you have.)
Assorted Teppan
How about a bowl of ramen form the Ramen Station?
Or probably you’re more into fried, then there’s the Tonkatsu station for your hot and freshly cooked Tonkatsu.
The desserts frustrated me because I was in search for Green Tea ice cream or anything Green Tea. It’s a Japanese restaurant anyway. But if you’re not a Green Tea fanatic like me, I guess their dessert station will be more than enough for you. 🙂

The Ambiance:

Banzai Japanese Buffet makes it easier for you to select your dishes as they divided the buffet area into several sections: antipasti, appetizers, salad bar, cold soba, sushi and sashimi, teppanyaki, hot selection, roast section, pizza, takoyaki, gyoza, ramen, robotayaki, agemono, breads, and desserts.
For your beverages, Banzai has an all-unlimited menu of beverages – soda, beer, iced tea, juices, coffee, and iced Milo.
An interactive dining for you to ask the chefs what dish to prepare for you. Banzai’s 3 Japanese chefs were assigned to their specialty station. (Photo from L-R) Chef Hiroshi Ishikawa to the Teppanyaki Station; Chef Norimasa Masuda, a sushi expert assigned to the Sushi Counter; and Chef Kiminori Iwabuchi takes charge of the Ramen Station.
“We want them to focus on what they’re good at so that the customers can get quality food,” Ricky Laudico, one of the owners states. “This is why what comes out can be akin to art. From the preparation to even small details like garnishes, the chefs have mastered it.
While choosing from the Teppanyaki station, one of the Filipino chefs was showing off his spatula skills playing with it like a toy. I took a short 15-second video clip, which I posted on Instagram.
Banzai has a seating capacity of 500 pax.
Family reunion? Then I guess you will fit. 🙂
Just a little problem I experienced, I couldn’t move comfortably with the heat coming from the kitchen and the low powered air-conidition. O and I were literally sweating! 🙁 This specific spot, where I was standing, marks the hottest spot in Banzai. I meant literally hottest! I moved back to my seat, I still felt the same heat. Sweating while heating. Just imagine sauna at 12:00-2:00 in the afternoon. Hoping they improve their air condition. Customer experience might suffer if this issue won’t die down.
To keep me entertained despite the heat, Banzai amused me with their small room of Trick Art Gallery. The 3D room was inspired by a gallery Ricky Laudico, one of the owners, visited in Japan.

More entertainment at Banzai every Friday to Sunday as they take you to a short trip of Japanese culture through a short theater production. If you pay a visit this weekend, the ongoing show is entitled “A Festival of Japan” directed by Floy Quintos and costumes designed by Gino Gonzales.

Buffet Rates
Eat & Drink All You Can
Monday to Friday Lunch – Php 699
Monday to Friday Dinner – Php 899
*Public Holiday not included
Saturday to Sunday / Holidays – Php 1,088

Children below 4.5ft – Php 499
Children below 3.5ft – Free

Left Over Price – Php 1,288
*In short, finish what you get on your plates!

With Momma Jane of Sugarospice
My favorite KTG Men
But of course, the man on the left is my most favorite! Hello O!
Discover this new Japanese buffet at Mall of Asia by the bay.
Thank you Banzai for treating me and O to an afternoon of our Japanese favorites! We are delighted to experience Banzai.
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Pray, Eat and Love.


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Location: Bldg. J, SM Mall of Asia, By the Bay, Seaside Blvd. Pasay City, Metro Manila, Philippines
Operating Hours: 10:00am-2:30pm / 6:00pm-10:00pm
Contact: (+632) 552-7368 / (+63) 916-377-5357 / (+63) 999-471-3597
E-mail: [email protected]
Instagram: @banzai_ph
Budget: PHP700++

Food 8/10
Ambiance 8/10
Service 8/10
Cost 8/10
Overall 8/10