A leisure trip to Hong Kong inspired the young entrepreneur Jay Iasis to bring “eggettes” to Manila.
Allured by the smell meters away while walking along the busy streets of Hong Kong made Jay turned his head to that stall where eggettes are sold. From the smell of eggettes, Jay took courage to open a hole in the wall store at one of the streets in Kapitolyo. The catchy and simple name he gave to briefly describe what his store sells is “Egg-it.”
Monday traffic during rush hour at night may be the worst time to be stuck and hungry. Getting stuck is out of your control but getting hungry is something to control. O and I had to brave the traffic from San Juan to Makati for the regular CCF bible studies we attend to. A mutual decision was to take our snack or let’s say light dinner before driving our way to Makati. It was the perfect time to turn our direction to Kapitolyo, head to Egg-it and discover what this small store offers.
Around 6 in the evening, nobody was there except us. Jay, the owner, was at the counter/kitchen to welcome us and recommend their specialties. O and I pointed several flavors to try as every name sounded good for waffles. When the order had been placed, the process in making waffles started right away. How did I know? The eyes didn’t work but the sense of my nose were attacked by the alluring smell of Hong Kong style waffles. “Mmmhmm,” I looked at O saying “Smells good!” He agreed with me while busy taking photos around.

The Food:

What are Eggettes?
Defined as a spherical pancake or ball waffle popularized in the streets of Hong Kong. In Chinese, they know this snack as Gai Daan Jai. In some places, the know it as “Hong Kong cakes.”
Spam with Cheese (Regular/Php75; Large/Php 90)
Rate: 5/5
The crunchy looking waffles finally arrived after that torture of smelling the aroma of waffles lingering the place. Jay claims Spam with Cheese as their best-seller so far. Regular sized waffle looked enough for one person. Crunchy outside but maintains that soft and chewy bubble inside together with black peppery spam chunks in every pancake bubble. Drizzled thinly with cheese for a photogenic photo and an added saltiness for the savory plate. I recommend this savory flavor if you ask me!
Bananutella (Regular/Php75; Large/Php 90)
Rate: 4/5
Often eaten plain in Hong Kong, Jay of Egg-it pushes for his experimental side as he adds variation like this Bananutella. We know how Filipinos include Nutella to their monthly shopping carts. When you notice your jar of Nutella running out, I bet it’s an emergency in your home. Mixed with cream, banana slices and light Nutella syrup flowing on top of the egg waffle. The combination clings more on the creamy side, enough slices of banana and only a little strength of Nutella flavor.I guess if you want the Nutella flavor to be stronger, better request from Egg-it. Who knows? They might grant your request.
Mango Caramel (Regular/Php75; Large/Php 90)
Rate: 4/5
Egg-it waffle loaded with mango chunks and a generous stream of caramel syrup. Second best next to Spam with Cheese flavor. I came in at the right season when mangoes gave a sweeter blend that goes in harmony with caramel syrup.
Generally, based on what I’ve tried so far, Egg-it Waffles stay conservative on its sweetness side and won’t kill you with covering everything with sugar. Filipinos has that palate for sweetness but Egg-it don’t capitalize on that to make their waffles saleable. They stay true to its flavor and strives to create their core waffles delightful no matter what toppings you add on.
Cookies & Cream (Regular/Php75; Large/Php 90)
Rate: 4/5
We were about to leave to make it on time to our weekly bible studies but this Cookies & Cream waffle paused us for a bit. Crunchy waffles together with sweet crunchy crushed cookies blend smoothly as a whole. I bet kids will enjoy this cookie flavor!
Red Iced Tea (Php 30)
You don’t want to miss out their Red Iced Tea paired with your waffles. I suggest you to eat your waffles before taking a sip from this sweet glass of Red Iced Tea. O took a sip first, which scattered sweetness to his mouth. It was an adjustment for him to appreciate the waffles because of this. So please, don’t drown yourself with iced tea before taking your waffles, ok?

The Ambiance:

One counter for everything to fit in the small space of Egg-it.
The space fits in more or less 10pax at a time. It might be difficult to get a space after working hours. Big groups should think of taking out their waffles or probably squeeze in that small space if you’re up to that challenge.
Chalk board for a look of casual and homey.
Choose your toppings! (Only if you want to.) In my case, I’d leave it to Egg-it’s pre-set flavors on the menu.
Egg-it Waffle says cheers to you!
Drop by Egg-it Hong Kong Style Waffles for a bubbly yummy snack.
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Pray, Eat and Love.
The Food Scout
Location: 6F San Rafael St corner Sta. Rosa, West Kapitolyo, Pasig City, Metro Manila, Philippines
Operating Hours: 8:30am-9:30pm
Contact: (+63) 915-269-6424
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/eggitwaffle
Instagram: @eggitwaffleshop
Budget: PHP75++

Food 9/10
Ambiance 8/10
Service 8/10
Cost 9/10
Overall 8.5/10