Years ago, mom offered me a trip that doesn’t deserve a ‘No’. Out of her generous and loving heart, she asked me to join her on a trip to Vietnam, not for work but to simply spend time with each other. How can I refuse right? Saying ‘no’ wasn’t even an option.
During our leisure stay in Ho Chi Minh Vietnam, one of the discoveries I had was the authentic Vietnamese coffee. I’m a tea drinker but not really a coffee drinker. But the Vietnam trip changed my perspective in drinking coffee. I remember in one massage spa we randomly visited, they offered us iced coffee instead of the usual hot cup of tea I’m used to drinking inside the spa. It was for free so I gave it a try. “Ooohh, this is good!”, I told mom with an amused smile. I never thought I’ll appreciate coffee.
In the Philippines, I’ve met a multitude of coffee drinkers or let’s say coffee addicts who can’t live a day without a cup of coffee. They have their own choice of cup, depending on their mood. You might be one of those who are highly addicted to this majestic drink. If you are, please say Hello to this Vietnamese coffee that might interest you.
Hello 5 Premium Coffee, a Vietnamese brand that aims to penetrate the global coffee market with its premium Vietnamese coffee products. Also a Fair Trade as Hello 5 Premium Coffee works directly with coffee farmers and small plantation owners in Vietnam.
There are 5 variants in this bag of coffee based on different blends of Arabica, Robusta and Culi beans. For your curiosity, Culi bean is a unique single-pod coffee bean only found in the Central Highlands of Vietnam. These Culi beans are the culprit for the coffee’s stronger and fuller flavor
What makes Vietnamese coffee stand out is the way they brew their cup of coffee.
According to Bennett and Palmer, the big secret to Vietnam’s rich coffee blends is in the production process itself, as some coffee beans are roasted in butter oil to protect them from burning too much. This results to dark flavors similar to French Roast, although some flavors make use of combinations of Arabica and Robusta beans.
One set of Hello 5 Premium Coffee includes a bag of ground coffee and the most important item, the Phin Filter. To truly appreciate and experience Vietnamese coffee wherever you are, you’d definitely need to get a Phin Filter.
A Phin Filter is basically a small coffee pot with a filter chamber, filter press, cup spanner and a cap.
Instead of using a regular coffee mug, I opted for a tall glass to make iced coffee. Cold or hot, that doesn’t matter but before you place blocks of ice, the process of using the Phin Filter should be followed.

Step-by-step Instruction:
1) Place the filter on the top cup.
2) Add 20g of coffee to the filter chamber.
3) Spin the press filter once or twice to even out the coffee.
4) Pour in the chamber with 10ml of hot water to moisten and well the coffee. Wait about 20 sec. then fill the chamber with 60ml of hot water.
5) Lastly, add sugar or condensed milk, ice according to your coffee preference.

A step-by-step process is included in a box of Hello 5 Premium Coffee Kit.
Organic or Original? I prefer Original, maybe I’m still influenced with what I have tried back when I was in Vietnam.
The similarity of taste, an almost exact same cup I used to drink in Vietnam. Hello 5 Premium Coffee relived my fancy for coffee. Hot or cold, the appeal of its aroma and strong blends gives a relaxation even while working on my blogposts.
Make sure you follow the instructions in brewing Vietnamese coffee correctly. For example, spinning the press filter to even out the coffee. Or else, you’ll get unwanted tiny chunks of coffee in your glass.
Do you want to try and make your own Hello 5 Premium Coffee wherever the wind takes you?
Hello 5 Premium Coffee products are now available on Bennett & Palmer’s online store. Visit their store now –
Or, if you’re more of a facebook user, you can also check out their page –
Have a relaxing week, my foodie friends! 🙂
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