One fact about our Vietnam trip: Walking was our main transportation.
From our hotel, we never intended to get any cab or ride the motorbike to reach our destinations. It was a mutual understanding between me and my mom that we would walk all the way to the places we wanted to visit. Besides, it was a travel adventure anyway. Majority of the things we wanted to do in Saigon was Shopping. That means, our feet would be busy the whole time. 

Thanks to our trusty and comfortable Skechers Tone Ups sandals, our feet didn’t sore or feel any tiredness. Now I appreciate wearing flip-flops for traveling. To my friends, you guys know for a fact that I don’t wear flats. This time, I semi-did. 🙂 Well, semi because the sandals had 1.5-inch heels. Hehe. 

Despite the comfort Skechers gave us, that was still not enough for mom. In my mom’s vocabulary, comfort means MASSAGE. And whenever I mention massage to her, the usual response I get is, “TARA!”, in other words, “Let’s Go!”. So while we were walking to Saigon Square, mom didn’t let go of the small massage place she saw. As soon as her eyes saw the foot massage sign, she smiled and if you know my mom, that was a sign of “TARA!”.

You would hardly notice Xoa-Bop-Chan in the area. I just think mom had her massage radar with her all the time. Compared to here in Manila, massage places there aren’t that “in” or a hit. There weren’t abundant massage places so mom didn’t think twice anymore as soon as she saw the foot massage sign board. 

No more looking to the left, no more looking to the right. Her eyes set straight and focused to the glass doors of Xoa-Bop-Chan. Mom inquired about the prices and found out that it was affordable, just like the average massage places here in Manila. For about Php450, we were able to get 1.5hrs or 90 minutes of foot and body massage.

My good friend Lawin, who stayed in Vietnam for about 3 months, told me that I should try the coffee. According to him, it is a must to get this beverage before I leave Vietnam. I kept that in mind. So when Iced Coffee was unexpectedly being served, you should see my face. I was smiling and giggling at the same time because of excitement. Iced Coffee was surprisingly a complimentary beverage for us! 🙂 Excuse my simple joys. I really get excited even for little things like this. 🙂 

It was a delight to try the local Iced Coffee. For a person who is not fond of drinking coffee, I enjoyed the sweet and slightly strong taste of it. The iced cold part made it even more thirst-quenching. 

Outside the place, you can see their Parking Lot. 😉
Like in Manila, street vendors are just all over the city.

Hope you enjoyed some snapshots of my Vietnam trip

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