One morning after my Palawan and Baguio trip, I woke up and stood on top of my room weighing scale and discovered the ugly truth. And the ugly truth is, Food Blogging made me Fat. #uglytruth
How can my weighing scale lie? Unless it’s faulty or broken, it will keep on lying. But hey, what are the chances, right? I believe that morning was a knock knock on my belly door and tell me to simply exercise seriously! Yes, seriously! If I treat food as a serious matter, the more I should treat exercise as a serious part of my lifestyle. If you read my previous post about living a healthy lifestyle, you know what I’m talking about. I’m talking about healthy living by bringing out the fire and burning those fats and calories. This time, I don’t only scout for food but scout for a fitness gym that will help my body be fit and healthy.

Sky Fitness

Sky Fitness, a franchise from Singapore, opened its newest branch at The Podium. Sky Fitness mixes the element of science and fitness together to make programs designed specially for your own body. They don’t want to be tagged as the regular gym you can simply apply for membership. With their trainers who are mostly Sports Science graduates, program for individuals are not just based on the standard workout book. Fitness approach sets them apart by giving assessment to individuals and carefully designs programs apt for your body type and condition. Having a trainer is not just a bonus, it’s part of being a member. You aren’t left alone with the facilities, a trainer is present to guide you throughout your program.
I personally tried a day at Sky Fitness and devoted my morning for fitness aside from eating alone.
10 in the morning, O & I wore our fitness attire and drove to The Podium Mall.
The only relaxed moment O and I had at Sky Fitness while waiting for our trainers to call us to start. After a short while, we had to cut watching Avatar for our battle on the fitness playground to begin.
Lean Body Assessment & Posture Analysis
Before they allow your body to get moving, trainers at Sky Fitness will first take you to their body assessment room. In my case, I took the Postural Analysis first. Scoliosis runs in the family. It is important for me to know that my posture is not affected by the Scoliosis genes running through our blood. My trainer asked me to hold a lengthy pole with my two hands, raise it upwards while doing squats. Through that exercise, she saw my body’s positioning and alignment. I found out that I’m putting more weight to my right side than my left side. Because of this postural assessment, my program’s design will address the current problem of my posture.
Right after Postural Analysis, I went to the Biophysical Wellness Analyzer (Bio-scan) to test the condition of my body in more or less a minute. It looks like a large weighing scale that’s more advanced. The machine determines my weight, my energy level and various body conditions using the sensors that touched my palms and feet. I find this really cool!
As we walked around, I saw this room where they hold Zumba and other group classes.
After our body assessment, we were asked to proceed to what I call the Fitness Playground.

The Fitness Training

1) First thing we did was to massage ourselves before the real game begins.
This is what they call Self Myofascia. This is a therapy for the treatment of skeletal muscle immobility and pain. From the photo you see, we used a golf ball as our “massager”. We gently rub and glide one foot using the golf ball. As I did it, the golf ball hits the spot to release the muscle pain under my foot. If you want a D-I-Y foot massage, just buy a golf ball and you’re good to go. 🙂
The Dynamic Stretching Mobility Drills came in next after our self-massage.
2) Calisthenics sipped out the energy in me. The volleyball varsity days went through my mind as I was jogging and sprinting around the room. This increased my body strength by relying on my body alone, with no other equipments.
3) SAQ or Speed, Agility & Quickness was right after Calisthenics. Without any pauses in between, we proceeded to this tough exercise using the orange equipments that made us run, hop, jump and skip. From this SAQ exercise, my inner athlete felt revived again. The patterns of movement like acceleration & deceleration drills make you feel stronger, quicker and more powerful whatever sport you play. I don’t know about Chess though. Hehe.
4) Core Balance Stability addresses my need to be stronger in all day-to-day activities. The “core” needs to be strong since it is responsible for my balance and my entire body strength. Having strong arms and legs are useless if the core is not equally strong.
Part of Core Balance Stability workout is to push, pull, balance like a surfer and hop like the floor is breaking down into huge pieces.
Finally, the best part of working out has arrived – The Cool Down & Stretch
Happy faces after workout! Is that what you call tired? Nahhh!
“The world is my Playground.”
If you are curious about their membership price, I suggest you call Sky Fitness directly.
Price is subjective to the program designed for you.
Sky Fitness is open to giving you Free Trials. Don’t hesitate to contact them to schedule and coordinate.
Asking if this is an Effective workout?
 Workout is subjective as well. It’s all up to you how you exercise with discipline and determination. There is no magic wand for an instant fit body. Fitness relies on you and what workout best suits you.
My stand is this, I workout for health. I know someday, I’ll be older, weaker and more fragile; Thanks to gravity. But yeah, nobody else is responsible with the body God has entrusted me except myself.
With Kirk Hidalgo, President of Sky Fitness Manila
 Thank you Sky Fitness for a day of conditioning and strengthening.
I will be back for more! 😉
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