In this temporary life on earth, a bunch of signs and opportunities come along. We encounter different signs leading us to various directions, going to the left, shifting to the right, moving forward or even taking a u-turn. When I saw these signs at Shanghai China before heading to the Oriental Pearl Tower, I reflected secretly alone on how these signs are parallel to one’s life.
From the hotel, we, as foreigners, aren’t sure which road to take to lead us to the tower. It’s my first time to visit this city. Confusion and disorientation on where to go since we were located at a foreign city. The only solution to get to our destination was to take a cab to transport us correctly. We often think we are the best in making decisions. We forget that there is a driver who knows our life more than us. The one who will lead us to the right path. The one who is in control of the universe. The God who is great and all-powerful than any human being and creature on earth.
I find it interesting when God speaks to me when I am silent and still. Even in things I see around me, He gives me instant wisdom and makes me reflect on significant things in life.
Earth is a world crowded with distractions. If you don’t focus on what’s important and relevant, you will end up being lost in the middle of a maze. You wouldn’t know which road sign to follow.

At Shanghai China, it’s important you know where you are going. Most especially if you don’t speak their language. Natives find it difficult to speak English. I am grateful I was with Filipino-Chinese people who understand and speak Chinese. I think I’ll be lost if I wasn’t with them.

The first objective of our day was to get to the top of Oriental Pearl Tower. From this place, along Jiujiang Road, we rode a cab and it took us to our destination.
I remembered KL Tower when I saw the Oriental Pearl Tower.
While checking out this skyscraper, I was singing “Skyscraper” by Demi Lovato inside my head. This TV tower is one of the tallest in Shanghai, known as the tallest from 1994-2007 until Shanghai World Financial Center surpassed it.
The tower stands 468m or 1,535 feet high. It is ranked as the 5th tallest tower in the world.
Patiently stayed put, the lengthy line to ascend to the top was caused by the holiday in China. We only found out it was a holiday in China when we were already there. No wonder the tower was crowded by locals and tourists.
30 minutes waiting in line led us to being vain and taking photos of ourselves.
The wait was over. My feet landed on top of the observation glass.
Geez! I felt like floating on air while watching skyscrapers in front of me.
Incredible view from the top! Watching the world from this point of view reminded me of how small I am against the big planet I live in. So simple and little yet there is someone great and almighty who cares in every single thing I do. My big Dad, my big God. I just find it so amazing how God takes care of His little children like me.
I didn’t want to get up and stay away from that view.
When you are at one of the observation decks, you can use the tower’s free binoculars to get as close to these buildings.
Shutter clicks counted numerous when I sat down on the glass to savor the view.
I didn’t want to get up and stay away from that area anymore. It’s too attaching like there’s a glue on my butt.
Before heading out of the Oriental Pearl Tower, I stopped by one of the stores and checked out what “pasalubong” to bring home. The big white rabbit caught my eyes. I was definite to take that home with me immediately when I saw it.
The Oriental Pearl Tower is a must-visit historic sight at Shanghai China. You don’t need to appreciate architecture to understand it. It’s all about the experience of being on top of one of the world’s tallest towers. The long wait in line was worth it for me. For those who are afraid of heights or has Acrophobia, just make sure you take some trustworthy person with you. Don’t worry, it is safe. You just need someone who will encourage you and give you pep talks while you’re there inside the tower.
Pray, Eat and Love.
The Food Scout