For about 60 years in the world of bread, Panaderia Pantoja is still committed to bring us safe and high quality breads at a very reasonable price.
Started from the 1950s, my parents weren’t even born yet. Mr. Aurelio and Mrs. Celinda Pantoja started their journey as a local community bakeshop in Tanauan with only P50,000 as capital. They passed on this family business to their children. So now, the bakeshop is being handled by Mr. Arthur Pantoja who is a visionary and has great plans for the success of Panaderia Pantoja.
Panaderia Pantoja’s Mission for their customers:
To offer world class bakery products and provide top notch customer service. They will continue to innovate through research and development and the use of affordable modern technology and processes that ensure productivity.

The Food:

In one afternoon, all I had in my belly is a horde of various breads.
For a change, I will be ranking each type ranging from 1-5. 1 as the lowest, 5 as the highest.
Bacon & Cheese Bread (Php 25)
Rate: 3
Ham & Cheese (Php 25)
Rate: 2
Unfortunately, I didn’t taste the ham. I was looking for it until I finished it. There was barely any ham on it.
Tuna (Php 25)
Rate: 3
Rate: 4
Chocolate Crinkles (Php 31)
Rate: 3
I would have to say ADB’s chocolate crinkles still wins my heart. But I don’t think Panaderia Pantoja’s version is lame. A rating of 3, averagely ok for me.
Kalihim – Pan de Red or Pan De Ube
Rate: 3
I see this often at bakeshops but I never tried it. Not attractive to me but the taste is generally ordinary for me. No excitement at all.
Cheese Balls (Php 22)
Rate: 3
Spanish Bread (Php 12)
Rate: 3
Cheese Roll (Php 22)
Rate: 4
The cheese roll is very tasty! I like the sugar tangling my tongue as I bite a piece.
Carrot Whole Wheat (Php 50)
Rate: 2

My Favorites:

Ensaymada Special
Rate: 5
The chewy ensaymada is perfect to start my morning. Grated cheese and buttercream, 2 simple but fatty ingredients improves the overall taste of Panaderia Pantoja’s ensaymada.

The use of duck egg for Ensaymada makes it even more special. Without the egg, it’s still decent. But what makes their ensaymada noticeable is the duck egg perfectly fit for the ensaymada.

Jacobina & Paborita
Rate: 5
Bleu cheese dip, garlic dip, pesto dip or cheese dip are my top choices to partner with Jacobina & Paborita biscuits. This is the ‘paborito’ of my dad. With a cup of coffee, a plate of Jacobina & Paborita complements the bitterness and flavor of coffee.
Yema Cake (Php 50)
Rate: 5
Cheers to my sweet tooth. The soft sponge cake generously covered with yema all over makes me drool. By the look of it, seems too sweet. But as you take your bite, you’ll love it even more for it is not as sweet as you think it is.
Panaderia Pantoja is a take-out shop just like other bakeshops. There aren’t tables or chairs for you to dine in. As a food critique, I am rating it according to my product criteria not under my restaurant criteria.
For a change of morning usuals, head to Panaderia Pantoja and bring home the bread that suits your taste. As you can see, you have a bunch to choose from. Budget is not a worry, affordable without sacrificing its quality.
Pray, Eat and Love.
The Food Scout
Location: 1672 Dian St. corner Faraday, San Isidro, Makati City, Metro Manila, Philippines
E-mail: [email protected]
Budget: PHP15++

Originality 8/10
Packaging 7/10
Taste 9/10
Cost 9/10
Overall 8.25/10