If you have been following me on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, I announced that our beloved pets will be featured on National TV. Say whuuuut??!? (Proud moment right here!)
Last March 9, our dog Rufus and cat Toffee had the chance to share their “love” story. Thanks to GMA 7’s Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho. They gave us the opportunity to share how our pets love each other. Oh it’s too adorable I’m telling you. 🙂
So what love am I talking about? It’s a motherly kind of love.
Watch the first part (3:20) of this youtube video and see how Rufus demonstrated her love to Toffee by breastfeeding her and treating Toffee like her own baby. Yep, you read it correctly, our dog breastfed our cat.
If you’re a cat or dog lover, I’m sure you’re gonna love this!
Enjoy the video foodies and pet lovers!
Woohooo!! I’m one proud owner right here! Our pets are sikat (popular in English)!
That’s life, even cats and dogs could be the best of friends. 🙂
Thank you Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho for covering our pets’ story.
Pray, Eat and Love.
The Food Scout