“Any Thai restaurant, I’ll be satisfied.” That was the line I told O when I was searching for a restaurant to celebrate another birthday lunch with my family and some friends. Mom asked me to pick a new restaurant to taste. They wanted to bring out their adventurous side again and find a new ambiance to celebrate my birthday with scrumptious dishes. I was pressured to pick which one’s the perfect restaurant for my occasion. During decision making, I was limiting myself to Thai restaurants alone since I have been craving for the Thai taste and flavors for weeks already. After several research and brainstorming with O on where to eat, I finally decided to spend lunch atย Silk Road.

The Food:

Thai Ravioli (Php 330)
Rate: 5/5
The appetizer sets the mood. If it fails, expectations towards disappointment of food begin. If it succeeds, more expectations for yummy food goes on as well. I’m glad my choice of appetizer set the mood right. My family found Thai Ravioli a healthy yet enticing way to start the lunch. Thai Ravioli is made out of sesame beef and shitake mushrooms all wrapped in freshly made steamed rice paper.
Its chewy steamed rice paper created a unique texture as I chew a piece. This gives emphasis to how Thai dishes are all about, very light with strong aromatic components.
Prawn Cakes (Php 295)
Rate: 4/5
The little grade-schooler girl, Mandy, went crazy over Prawn Cakes. For a young girl, you don’t expect them to be adventurous on food and its flavors. They will stick to their usuals, their favorites.
Mandy didn’t only enjoy pieces of Prawn Cakes alone. She went a little adventurous by adding sweet & sour sauce and even tamarind sauce. I’m surprised she got hooked to its tamarind sauce. This girl is starting to know her Thai food. As I can remember, we ordered an extra plate of Prawn Cakes for her. She ate these “supposed to be appetizers” with steaming white rice.
Tom Yum Talay (Php 340)
Rate: 4/5
Hot and sour soup, that’s how Tom Yum should taste. I didn’t order this initially but mom insisted to try Silk Road’s Tom Yum. I thought it wouldn’t be any difference with other Tom Yum I tried at usual Thai restaurants. It came to a surprise when Silk Road’s Tom Yum wowed all of us on that table. We all had similar reactions on how the combination of spices this Tom Yum impressed us. The fragrant herbs boosted the aroma of this famous Thai soup.
Angus Beef Panang Curry (Php 395)
Rate: 4/5
The typical beef curry, only this one has roasted pumpkin and peanuts. Curry is always best with steaming Thai rice. I can’t imagine eating curry without rice as its significant other. It has a love relationship with rice that makes them look good and taste good together. This Angus Beef Panang Curry makes a difference with how they cooked their angus beef, which made it manageable to digest. I dislike eating beef that is too harsh to chew as if it doesn’t want to digest into my stomach. Silk Road’s curry made its way by giving my mouth some delight while consuming it.
Pad Thai (Php 340)
Rate: 5/5
Do I need to explain what a Pad Thai is? Well, Thailand is known for this special noodles. This is their traditional noodles that the world loves so much. The basic Pad Thai includes rice noodles, pork, shrimps, egg and bean sprouts. Their Pad Thai is much similar to how traditional Pad Thai tastes like. I remember my Thailand trip where I didn’t stop ordering Pad Thai for lunch. It was crazy good!
The presentation is too lovely that I found it knotty to slice through the dried egg net and destroy the entire presentation.
Siamese Pork Ribs (Php 310)
Rate: 4/5

What makes it unique is the grilled cinnamon pork ribs that creates the element of surprise once you taste the meat. Everyone thought it was just the usual pork ribs with sweet blended sauce. Pork eaters around me commended that the Siamese Pork Ribs matched other Thai flavors as well. Fits what a meat lover wants, tender meat that is filled with sweet cinnamon flavors.

Crispy Tilapia with Tamarind Puree (Php 75/100g)
Rate: 4/5

Among my favorites, Crispy Tilapia with Tamarin Puree. Tamarind is a reflection of this type of cuisine. This ingredient is commonly used to boost the relish of Thai. How the tamarind puree blends with the fried Tilapia gave each piece a deeper flavor, a really comforting Thai entree for me. It’s never a failure to order this specific dish.

Chicken Basil (Php 295)
Rate: 3/5
A bowl of minced chicken, string beans, fried egg and holy basil. The touch of basil is the only reason I got attracted to this dish. It makes a simple “giniling” style of dish to a more sophisticated Thai dish. The egg on top makes it look like breakfast food though.
Kaffir Garlic Rice (Php 240)
Rate: 4/5
Crispy garlic granules is generously served on this Kaffir Garlic Rice that’s good for 2-4 persons.
Takhoo Thai (Php 190)
Rate: 4/5
This is Thai’s famous Takhoo – tapioca pearl pudding topped with coconut custard. A classic dessert my sister and I love to order in all Thai restaurants we encounter.
If you haven’t tried Takhoo, you better follow your curiosity and get at least a cup for yourself. You can’t be dismissed in a Thai room without trying it.
My birthday treat from Silk Road!
Thank you Silk Road for this mango ice cream and warm brownie fudge. ๐Ÿ™‚

The Ambiance:

Lights attract me. Lights enlighten me. Oh such a cliche but I’m just so fascinated with attractive lights, especially chandeliers. Silk Road’s interior is flying away from the traditional Thai restaurant and keeps its cool and modern tone with a touch of modish interiors.
Silk Road is not that big but spacious enough for our family and friends.
My babies are now ladies!

Thank you mi familia for being foodies and adventurous with me. Thank you for treating me extra special not only on my birthweek but all the days of my 23 years on earth.

All praises to God for giving me such a loving and supportive family! ๐Ÿ™‚

Pray, Eat and Love.
The Food Scout

Location: Net Quad Corporate Center, Shop H 4th Avenue corner 31st St., Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City, Metro Manila, Philippines

Contact: (+63 923) 421-8294
Budget: PHP400++

Food 9/10
Ambiance 8/10
Service 9/10
Cost 8/10
Overall 8.5/10