The whole afternoon of my birthday was spent in Pampanga as seen in my previous post. After hours of wakeboarding till our bodies get sore, we drove back to Manila for another celebration. This time, with my lovely family.
I didn’t ask where my family was taking me from the minute we rode the car. It’s a tradition they surprise me on where to eat. When the car was already within the Ortigas area, I already has speculations the final destination was gonna be Edsa Shangri-la. While observing the road we passed by, I knew it, Edsa Shangrila it is!
Of course the thrill to be at my favorite hotel was there! I went down the car and then they took me to one of the best Italian restaurants in the Philippines, Paparazzi.
A set menu was prepared, which made our deciding brains easily. All we had to do was wait for our entire set meal to be served one by one.
Caprese – Buffalo mozzarella, salad of native tomato, basil, rock salt and extra virgin olive oil
Rate: 4/5
First on the list was Caprese, the kind of appetizer I could eat all year. Fresh tomatoes gave color to the plate and to my mouth. As I ate it with basil and buffalo mozzarella, I was feeling to refreshed and healthy.
Zuppa – Pumpkin Soup
Rate: 4/5
Pumpkin soup turned out to be a little heavy as a starter. Its light texture didn’t matter at first. But then, when I reached the first half of my soup bowl, I had to stop. Or else, my tummy won’t have space for the next and most-awaited dish.

Rack of Lamb
Rate: 4/5
 Grilled Australian lamb with creamed polenta and spinach served with thyme jus. As long as the meat is cooked the right way, any sauce can never go wrong. I didn’t expect its sauce to beat how the lamb actually tastes, This creamed polenta and spinach with thyme jus surpassed my expectations. There was more drama to my grilled Australian lamb and dressed it up to be “instagram-worthy”.
I was feeding myself with this luscious meat that kept me ecstatic.
Tranco Di Branzino
Rate: 4/5
 Pan-fried sea bass with creamed polenta, spinach served with thyme jus. Nothing differs from the rack of lamb except for its meat. For O, the fish is better than the rack of lamb. He was captivated by the soft and juicy meat of pan-fried sea bass that complemented well with creamed polenta, spinach and thyme jus.
Fusilloni (Php 620)
Rate: 5/5
One of the tastiest pastas I’ve tasted! Fusilloni composes of fresh salmon, lobster and tomato cream sauce. I like the simplicity of this pasta that is based with tomato cream sauce. It is so rich that salmon and lobsters combined in my mouth makes it so heavenly. Two of my favorite seafoods in one pasta dish gives more than enough reasons to become one of my favorite pasta dishes of all time. Even mom fell in love with Fusilloni.

Oh, I will go back for you Fusilloni!

Classic Lemon Tart with Raspberry Coulis
Rate: 4/5
Before ending my birthday dinner, it’s a must to top it all off with a dessert that washes all the unnecessary flavors in my mouth with something made out of sugar. This classic lemon tart with raspberry coulis was a variation of sweetness and a hint of sourness from the lemon tart. I really liked the combination that makes it filling to my palate in every bite.
Raspberry Coulis surely made a difference. Just so you know, a coulis is a form of thick sauce made from puréed and strained vegetables or fruits.
The cast that keeps me sane at all times. Celebrating my day with them gives contentment to my heart.
The traditional birthday song was sang by the servers of Paparazzi. 🙂
Hooray for more desserts to keep the birthday girl filled with sugar to make everything nice! :))
Paparazzi is generally a fabulous place to celebrate occasions like birthdays. I like how serene, classy, elegant and private the set-up is. Especillay in the evening, not much noise from neighboring tables chit-chatting around.
The morning of my birthday, God reminded me through my quiet time that another year has been given to me not to gratify myself but to give it all up to my master. He specifically mentioned I cannot serve 2 masters. My direction is strictly to serve God alone. Living means serving Him.
Serving God and ______ (anything I place on that blank) will lead to double-mindedness and neglect of at least one, if not both. Wisdom I acquired from Him is to prioritize Him more than how I did it last year. The world may distract me on how I should attain success and what I should prioritize more. Praise God He continuous to knock on my door and whisper to my ear the wisdom I need from Him.
 Now I’m 23, I have more responsibilities towards myself, relationships around me and the most relationship I have, towards God. As He commands, I have to surrender my year to Him. Never live it for my own glory but only for His glory.
Pray, Eat and Love.
The Food Scout

Location: 2/F Tower Wing, Edsa Shangri-la Hotel, 1 Garden Way, Ortigas Centre, Mandaluyong City, Metro Manila, Philippines

Contact: (+632) 633-8888 loc 2777 & 2739
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Budget: PHP850++

Food 9/10
Ambiance 9/10
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Cost 7/10
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