Fez, a modern Moroccan restaurant at Serendra, is now offering another authentic Moroccan dish for us Filipinos.
This is what you call Modern Moroccan Tagines. A conventional tajine is a rich aromatic stew made of beef, chicken, fish, or lamb. The flavors are drawn from lemon preserves, figs, apricots and other fruits of the dessert. The tagine stew derives its title from the vessel is simmered in.
From the words of Fez:
“We had to scour the corners of Dubai to find this Modern Tajine cookware” Ms. RM Aguilar, Operations Manager of Fez Serendra tells. “The old tajines found in the markets and souks were rough, porous and quite frankly outdated- we rejected all of them. Lo and Behond after a year, we found a Tagine good enough for a 20th century kitchen – Fez Serenda tagine are sleek, hygienic and iconic.”
Fez‘ version is a deconstructed tagine, an idea they took from Cendrillon in Soho, New York – an upscale Filipino restaurant in the 1990s. Foreigners perceive Kare Kare as unattractive or a messy dish so they deconstructed the Kare Kare to make it more pleasant to the eyes.
Fez scoot away from the conventional type, the mash ingredients. Fez believes the deconstructed Tagine will work better for the market.
Caldereta vs. Tagine:
For me, this is comparable to our local Caldereta, only Tagine looks to be a more bland version with more classy ingredients. It didn’t encompass all aspects of how Filipinos adore Caldereta. I like my caldereta a little bit spicy that kicks as I chew on its meat and the red tomato sauce that adds numerous more flavors to my rice.
Filipinos are already used to how Caldereta tastes. My confidence in this Moroccan dish is not a hundred percent suitable for Filipinos. There might be a few who would go for Tagine over Caldereta. But for now, my observation prevails that Caldereta has a stronger vote than Tagine.
Choose Your Spices:
The tagines at Fez, Serendra are available for lunch and dinner in hefty serving portions meant to be shared by 3 to 4 people. 
“However less than ten (10) tagines are cooked everyday – so explain to customers each tagine takes 4 -5 hours of pre-cooking so we have a limited supply.” 

Better make up your mind if this is what you really want. You better make sure you get to Fez before everyone else does. You don’t wanna wait 4-5 hours out there.

A different shade of cuisine to try. Moroccan menu is not simply out there in every city you visit. If you plan to drop by the Fort area, it’s not a waste of time to get yourself a plate of Moroccan food even for once. Give it a try! You might just want to get more!
Pray, Eat and Love.
The Food Scout

Location: 1C07A Serendra Commercial Strip, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City, Metro Manila, Philippines.
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/Fez.GastroPub

Contact: (+632) 901-1840
Budget: PHP500++


Food 8/10
Ambiance 8/10
Service 8/10
Cost 7/10
Overall 7.75/10