At the Fort area, there are numerous new restaurants opening these days. From left to right, I see them coming and cooking, opening their doors to the public. I find it more exciting to try every single restaurant in the area since Fort is one of my favorite spots in the metro. It wasn’t a hesitation when I was asked to try this small Moroccan spot at Serendra called Fez. (No, it is not a Filipino/bisaya restaurant)
Fez, the third largest city in Morocco, was a concept choice for it represents a wide range of Mediterranean, Arabic and Northern African cuisine. Fez also sounded young and kitch. Although never claiming to be a purist, the food at Fez is modified to parallel the comfort food that we are accustomed to.”
I was surprised to find out that Fez has been there for about 7 years already. How come I didn’t know that?! Or I wasn’t just interested with Moroccan food like some of you there? On a normal day, Moroccan food is not something my cravings would look for. Hence, I made one night not a typical Japanese dinner for me. (Btw, Japanese cuisine is really really my fave!) I gave it a shot to take my stomach to a Moroccan dinner and see if it is like the authentic Moroccan cuisine I tried also at the Fort area, Kasbah.
Pita Platter (Php 175) – Hummus, Baba Ganoush, Garlic Yogurt and Tomato Sauce, these are the 4 types of dip you get for one order of Pita Platter. Freshly-baked inside Fez’ oven to delight you with an appetizing Moroccan dish. Among my peers, they all loved the Baba Ganoush. The eggplant dip gave them a different kind of taste, which is suitable to the pita bread. On my part, I’d say I would still go for Hummus, one of my favorite Mediterranean type of food.
Hanira Soup (Php 95/cup; Php160/bowl) and Roasted Pumpkin Soup (Php 80/cup; Php140/bowl) – The picture above is just a sample size serving of these 2 kinds of soup. A small portion was served for me to taste and not have my stomach fully occupied with a bowl of soup. Plus, I am not a soup person. I would rather start my dinner with salad than soup. I prefer soup during a cold weather, or have it during merienda. I get easily full if I drink too much soup. Going to its taste, I didn’t taste anything extraordinary with its soup. Hanira Soup is a mix of freshly peeled tomatoes, meat simmered for hours, garbanzos and spices. While Roasted Pumpkin Soup is accompanied with Ras El Hanout, which is a blend of spices from Morocco. Nothing “Moroccan” or a different spice of flavor to differentiate it from other tomato or pumpkin soup. Maybe they tweaked the flavors to suit the Filipino taste, not making it really Moroccan.
Beef Wanton Cups (Php 220) – Baked oysters at a glance. Base cup is fried crisp wanton topped with spiced ground beef, salsa and melted cheese to balance the spice flavor.
Merguez Sausage (Php 235) – A popular dish in the middle east, which is a red and spicy sausage made with lamb or beef, sauteed in anato oil and caramelized onion. It is usually heavily spiced but this one from Fez is not spicy as I expected. Comparing it with the Merguez sausage from Kasbah, the one from Kasbah tastes more authentic. Although for Filipinos, I think the one from Fez is more suitable for us. Kasbah’s almost fired up my tongue. I didn’t even finish one sausage unlike this one from Fez.
Couscous Salad (Php 140) – A popular Moroccan salad, also said to be an old national delicacy. It is also among the healthiest grain-based products, which makes it guilt-free to eat. Couscous is actually a dish of Semolina, purified wheat middlings of durum wheat used in making pasta, cereals, and puddings. One order is served with lettuce wherein you can use the lettuce as a wrapper for the couscous. Eat it as a wrap or eat as a normal salad.
Moroccan Chicken Kebab (Php 320) – How could I miss out on having at least a stick of kebab in a Moroccan restaurant? Every middle eastern restaurant would probably serve their own version of Kebab. Especially for the FIlipino market, this is the most common middle eastern dish we are familiar of. With the many kebab places in Manila, kebabs are not losing its market yet.
Ribeye Steak (Php 950)
Fried Cheesecake (Php 310) – The dessert plus the price don’t match perfectly. The idea of creating fried cheesecake is not new to me but the taste doesn’t fail at all. However, I think the price is too much for 3 pieces of small-sized fried cheesecake. If the price was a little bit lower, I’d probably fall for this one and go back for it.
A small and intimate venue for friends to dine and wine the Moroccan way. Located at the prime Serendra, Fez is an option for either your lunch breaks, business meets or a casual dinner with colleagues.
Pray, Eat and Love.
The Food Scout
Location: Unit C07-A Serendra Commercial, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City, Metro Manila, Philippines
Contact: (+632) 901-1840 / [email protected]
Budget: PHP350++
Rate: 7.5/10