Claim to be a milk tea fan in the Philippines and you don’t know Serenitea? Unbelievable! 

We, as Filipinos, should be proud of this ‘proudly Pinoy’ milk tea brand. Serenitea is the first and only teashop in the Philippines that uses a tea espresso machine in brewing its tea products. This Filipino brand Serenitea pioneered tea drinking in the country and introduced the ‘customization’ in every cup of tea. Just how coffee shops are, allowing you to take charge of your own cup of coffee. In this case, you customize your own cup of milk tea.
To be honest, I am a fan of Serenitea. When it started years ago, all along I thought this was a foreign brand franchised in the Philippines. Without any knowledge at that time about Serenitea, I had no clue it is Filipino. Until during my food blogger years, my research and curiosity led me to the answer that Serenitea is owned by Filipinos who wanted to bring the milk tea craze of Taiwan to the Philippines by creating their own brand.
The brand Serenitea have created a prestige name in our country. When I was told of their new brand Captain Pepper, I was thrilled to see and taste this new venture of the Serenitea team.
Thai Pepper Chicken Chop (Php 120)
Rate: 4/5
Captain Pepper is the partner snack bar of Serenitea. If you fell in love with Serenitea’s Chicken Chops and Pepper Corn, I bet you’ll love their other snacks as well. You aren’t limited to their plain salt & pepper chicken chops anymore as you can select any of these 3 flavored chicken chops.
First, as you can see above, is their Thai Pepper Chicken Chop. This type of chicken chop flavor contains tiny pieces of chili and garlic. Be sure you have the appetite for spicy snacks if you get this flavor. I thought I was brave enough to get all the spices but I was completely overconfident about it. I had too much chili peppers that I needed to drink like a fish from my Green Tea Slush.
Formosa Chicken Chop (Php 120)
Rate: 4/5
Tomatoes and basil sounds very gourmet to me. True, sounds gourmet but not pricey. It’s a simple combination of basil and tomatoes making chicken chops even more attractive to look at and to munch. I choose Formosa Chicken Chop over other flavors.
Western Chicken Chop (Php 120)
Rate: 3/5
Large slices of onion on top of mustard sauce. Now if I have my most favorite, I have my least favorite and this Western Chicken Chop is my least. I’m not an aficionado of large onion slices and even mustard. I can eat the chicken chops alone than add these toppings to it.
Chix on Sticks – Mexican Spice (Php 85)
Rate: 4/5
A new way of eating your chicken wings is putting them on sticks. Captain Pepper added flavors that will spice up your chicken wings. What I tried recently were their Mexican Spice and Italian Spice. On the photo above, you can see Mexican spices sprinkled over 2pcs. of chicken wings. I find it easier to eat with this kind of style.

Chix on Sticks – Italian Spice (Php 85)
Rate: 4/5
If you think chicken wings is more fun without the stick, that’s your choice to pull them off. I couldn’t choose which one’s my favorite. Their Italian Spice, fused with rosemary and herbs, also gave a kick of yum. Snacking on both flavors of Chix on Sticks pairs up well with any cold milk tea with pearls from Serenitea.

More of what you can expect at Serenitea / Captain Pepper – flavored corns!

Cheese Corn on Stick
Rate: 4/5
Curry Corn on Stick
Rate: 4/5
Wasabi Corn on Stick
Rate: 3/5
Pepper Corn (Php 60)
Rate: 5/5
The original pepper corn is still available in all Serenitea branches!

Serenitea’s Chicken Chops (Php 70)
Rate: 5/5
The plain jane Chicken Chops that hooked me into Serenitea’s snacks. It’s a simple crunchy snack that’s inseparable from my milk tea drink.

Mango Cheesecake
Rate: 4/5
Good news for dessert freaks! Premium cakes are now available at select Serenitea branches – Congressional and Shangri-la branch.

I was delighted for O when I found out they offer Mango Cheesecake. He’s a cheesecake fan and I know he’d love a slice for dessert.

Almond Matcha Cake
Rate: 4/5
For those of you who aren’t aware, I’m a green tea junkie! Anything green tea will drive me nuts. If I see something green tea, I wouldn’t miss a chance checking it out. When Juliet (Serenitea’s owner) told me one of their cakes it Almond Matcha cake, oh my heart pounded and wanted to grab my slice right away.
Almond Matcha Cake is an ingenious recipe I love! I normally don’t finish a slice of cakes because I get worn out with too much sweets on my mouth. With this matcha cake, I surprisingly finished a slice! Well, it’s not a surprise since I’m a green tea junkie. Hehe! This just proves how hooked I was into their Almond Matcha Cake. It’s unfortunate they only serve it in their big branches and not at my favorite San Juan branch. 🙁
I only had the chance to taste 2 flavors. But according to Juliet, they offer other flavors like Rainbow Cake, moist Chocolate Fudge Cake, Chocolate Nutella Cake, Baked Blueberry Cheesecake and Baked Strawberry Cheesecake.
The very first branch of Serenitea is located in San Juan. Now, they moved Serenitea in a bigger and more cozy space just beside their original branch. The original first Serenitea space is now replaced by Captain Pepper. A small room that accommodates about 30 pax. Let’s see if Captain Pepper gets the same luck Serenitea got.
With the company of this pretty mom, Rina, while enjoying Serenitea and Captain Pepper’s treats.
Thank you Danio for making this merienda more fun!
Thank you Juliet for welcoming me to your babies, Serenitea and Captain Pepper. It’s a pleasure to talk to you about your business and even love life. Hehe. 🙂
Want to get your own Helmet Umbrella? 
Starting January 15, you can get this limited and unique Helmet umbrella.
For every purchase of Serenitea products worth P300 in a single receipt, you can purchase this Helmet Umbrella for only P499. For Serenitea Loyaltea Cardholders, it can be bought for only P468.
Hurry up! Every Serenitea branch will only be allotted 21 umbrellas. Limited edition for Serenitea babies!
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Pray, Eat and Love.
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Captain Pepper
G&L Building, J. Abad Santos Street corner V. Cruz Street, Little Baguio, San Juan City, Metro Manila, Philippines

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Budget: PHP100++
Food             9/10
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