Years ago, I fell in love…
Ooohh not with a person but with a city. Don’t get me wrong. Haha!
I visited Sydney Australia with my mom. My memory bank isn’t that old so as far as I can remember, I was still in college without any food blog yet. No consciousness about taking so much photos of food yet. I did take some but it wasn’t as careful and O.C. now. I was still handling a Canon 350D, my first SLR.
We stayed at Hilton Hotel, right in the heart of Sydney. I love how accessible shopping centers, mainstream restaurants, and tourist spots are from our hotel.
View from my hotel room.
Mom was at Sydney for a business trip while I was there during my term break to get away from Manila even for like a week.
Since mom had business meetings in Sydney, I spent my days in Australia alone. Oh yes, it was the first time I explored a city all by myself.
Me-time for days in the beautiful country of Australia.
So here it goes. I just want to share some of my photos from that memorable trip.
Hayyy… I’m kind of reminiscing while posting these photos. At this very moment, I’m daydreaming of going back to Australia. Such a lovely country with lovely citizens!
Do you have to take the escalator?
As you can see, Aussies opt for the short ride to the next floor than to exercise 10 steps up.
While walking around the streets of Sydney, passed by one candy store to bring back to the hotel while being a couch potato.
Outside Queen Victoria building, one street away from Hilton Hotel.
Because of its accessibility from our hotel, I frequently drop by at Queen Victoria for some shopping and snacks.
This Lemon pie was one sweet treat I got from a restaurant near Queen Victoria building. I only ordered one since it was quite pricey. This slice of Lemon pie was terrific!!! Oh how I wish I remember where that place is. 🙁
Took the train to see the Olympic Park.
Most of the time, my companion was my Canon SLR. Shameless photo of myself in the elevator since I had a hard time taking photos including myself.
Walking the streets of Sydney was like crossing streets here in Manila.
They were not strict in following rules, waiting for the green light or stopping when the light is on red. Even when red light is turned on, those Aussies jump to the road and cross the street carelessly.
Strangers I met while strolling around the city.
All I did in Sydney was to Eat, Shop and Take Photos. I could imagine myself doing this for life!!!
Oh how I wish! Haha!
Even before Gelatissimo was here in the Philippines, I already had my first try at their branch in Sydney.
Who said ice cream is only for the summer heat? I learned to eat ice cream while it’s freezing below 5 degrees Celsius in Sydney.
There was no stop button for eating. Even inside the hotel room, I called room service for a box of veggie pizza. Oh that was one leafy pizza all for me and my mom!!!
Somebody take me back to this city.
I’m missing Sydney that I want to fly out there tonight! (wishful thinking)
Someday, I know my shoes will take me to more awesome places. (fist bump!) I know God knows my desires to get out, reach out and share my experiences through this blog. It’s a matter of inspiring people through how God transformed me to who I am now.
Oh yeah, positive thinking right there! This little girl is dreaming big again.
Sharing with you some verses I’m holding on to:
2 Chronicles 15:7 “But as for you, be strong and do not give up, for your work will be rewarded.”
Ecc 9:4 “Anyone who is among the living has hope —even a live dog is better off than a dead lion!”
1 Thes. 5:17 “Pray without ceasing”
Believe and have Faith… Nothing is Impossible!
Whatever God’s plans are for you and for me, let’s follow.
Never stop Dreaming Big and never stop Praying! 
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Pray, Eat and Love.
The Food Scout