If there is one gem in Quezon Avenue, I’d say it is Dolcelatte.
Now let me tell you Why…
Based on what I hear from peers and relatives, Quezon Avenue is not popular as an avenue for restaurant hopping. The word ‘food trip’ does not associate well with this area. As a matter of fact, O and I don’t usually drive our way to this area when our stomach screams for food. If you are a loyal reader, you know that our favorites are San Juan and Fort area. However, there is an exception.
One of my discoveries last year was this fine restaurant at Quezon Avenue named Dolcelatte.
When I received the news that they have new dishes on their menu, I was engaged and thrilled to schedule my comeback visit to Dolcelatte.
Before starting our most awaited lunch, Chef Jay went to our area and gave us a brief orientation on what’s new on their menu. He gave us a quick tour to their menu book. He also gave us a sneak peek of what will be served to us.
I’m personally attracted to their hard bound menu book that looks so classy and expensive.
 Lunch time was a perfect schedule for my visit to Dolcelatte. I was aware of the amount of food I’d be eating, so I made sure I was prepared and skipped breakfast for the sake of Dolcelatte lunch.

The Food:

Meat Lovers Omelette (Php 255)
Rate: 4/5
Seemed like Chef knew I didn’t consume breakfast. First dish he served was this Meat Lovers Omelette. Three-egg omelette with ground beef, ham and bacon. This goes with 3 slices of toast that we didn’t bother pairing with. O and I were satisfied eating the omelette alone even without a slice of toast.
Basketball players fill their tummies with all meat goodness to prep-up for a game. I felt like a basketball player while consuming this omelette infused with all meat goodness in one plate.
Spanish Salmon Sardines (Php 355)
Rate: 5/5
My type of breakfast! Not only it’s Salmon, it’s sardine style as well. Cooked in olive oil partnered with garlic rice sunny side up egg, the way I want my egg to be cooked. The salmon leaned on the salty side but as you grab a spoon of rice with it, saltiness fades slowly.

Foie Gras with Apple Cranberry Chutney (Php 325)
Rate: 4/5
This expensive foie gras is creating its name here in the Philippines. More people are getting to appreciate what Foie Gras is all about. There are different ways of eating Foie Gras. One of the ways is this, consume as an appetizer with Apple Cranberry Chutney. Seared foie gras was cooked evenly, not overcooked, which makes it luscious to the palate.
To get the best taste, use the crostini as your base for a small portion of foie gras, arugula and chutney. One big bite and you’ll taste foie gras heaven in your mouth.

Spinach and Artichoke Fondue (Php 205)
Rate: 3/5
All about melted cheese, spinach and artichoke with pieces of toast. A classic type of appetizer I wish I can perfectly cook on my own. For a more acidic flavor, squeeze some lemon on your spinach dip. I also prefer my bread to be soft slices of French bread. I think it also complements the spinach dip.
Good idea to keep the spinach and artichoke dip hot and fresh by serving it vertically with candle under the dip. O and I took a short video using our iPhone of this popping melted cheese. We were like kids, amazed how cheese melts and how it pops bubbles as it melts.
Chicken Fingers (Php 225)
Rate: 3/5
Kids are not left alone at Dolcelatte. Chicken Fingers is not only meant for us adults but also as an option for children you bring at the restaurant. Hand-battered chicken fillet deep fried until golden brown plus french fries mixed in it. Three sauces to choose from, mayonnaise, ketchup and mustard. I cannot mention anything special about their Chicken Fingers. I guess there is nothing exceptional, nothing new, nothing amazing. It’s a decent type of appetizer you will order if you are not that adventurous and want to remain on the conservative side.
Watermelon Salad (Php 296)
Rate: 5/5
Why do I always identify watermelon with summer? Dolcelatte served their newest salad which I call their Summer salad. It’s a bunch of yellow and red watermelon that is absolutely guilt-free but oh so yummy!
Crisp red and green lettuce tossed with citrusy apple vinaigrette, yellow and red watermelons, pine nuts, feta cheese, and grilled chicken fillet and topped with alfalfa sprouts.
Sounds amazing and looks so refreshing!
Citrusy apple vinaigrette is the key ingredient that made this whole piece of art special. I can’t think of any alternative dressing after getting a plate of their Watermelon Salad. It’s pleasing to my taste just the way it is.

Pan-grilled Pork Chop with Apple Sauce (Php 386)
Rate: 4/5
Seasoned and grilled pork chop topped with apple sauce and served with mashed potato, vegetable sticks and baked apple slices. Again, Dolcelatte used fruits to give flavor to a supposed to be simple dish. I love the fact they tweak simple dishes and play with ingredients to make every plate interesting and picture perfect.
Filet Mignon (Php 673)
Rate: 5/5
How about adding grilled bacon-wrapped beef medallions served with couscous-stuffed tomato and buttered asparagus to your must-order at Dolcelatte?
Can I just say this Filet Mignon is mouthwatering I can’t let go of eating it. I took a slice of this medium rare Filet Mignon and my hands don’t want to let go of this plate anymore. I totally forgot there were more dishes to be served when I got to try their Filet Mignon. Oh I just can’t get enough! Can I say it’s perfect? Because it really is!
Chicken Portabello with Foie Gras Burger (Php 476)
Rate: 4/5
Composed of layers of chicken fillet, portabello mushroom, foie gras, romaine lettuce, tomatoes, and cucumber on a ciabatta bun. I thought I was over with foie gras but No!
It’s a mountain of everything I want in a burger.
Pan-roasted Chicken in Red Wine Sauce (Php 415)
Rate: 3/5
Boneless chicken thigh fillet pan-roasted in red wine sauce served with Alfredo pasta and oven-roasted cherry tomatoes. Again, the sauce makes the difference. I love the use of red wine sauce and cherry tomatoes on this pan-roasted chicken. Good choice for using thigh part as it is juicy and easy to slice through. I didn’t try their Alfredo pasta anymore since I thought it looked plain. The chicken alone is enough for me.
 Dolcelatte knows their plating. I’m not an expert but I know what looks good and what looks off. Based on all dishes they served us, Dolcelatte knows a higher level of plating and making sure their dishes are presentable.
TriBerry Smoothie (Php 150)
Rate: 4/5
Dolcelatte Frappe (Php 170)
Rate: 4/5

The Service:

Most of their servers came from well-known 5-star hotels in the country. We had to ask them because we felt the professionalism in the way they took care of us. By the way they attended to our needs, the skill of serving our salad and steak, O and I saw the difference of these trained servers of Dolcelatte.
5-star treatment in Dolcelatte!
Overall, Dolcelatte exceeded my expectations. A superb restaurant indeed! The only negative comment I can think of? Well, the fact it’s quite distant from my home. 🙁 I really have to go all the way to Quezon Avenue to get my Dolcelatte fix.
I recommend this restaurant for any special occasion you have or you simply want to satisfy your stomachs with real awesome food and service. I tell you, this place is worth raving to your family and friends!
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Pray, Eat and Love.
The Food Scout

Location:  1616 Quezon Avenue, South Triangle, Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines

Operating Hours:
Monday to Friday – 9:00AM to 10:00PM
Saturday and Sunday – 10:30AM to 8:00PM
Contact: (+632) 332-3407
Budget: PHP450++

Food 9/10
Ambiance 10/10
Service 9/10
Cost 8/10
Overall 9/10