If you speak of entertainment, watching movies land on the top list. Watching movies tends to be our source of laughter, happiness, romance, even fear, disappointment, and more. Name it, movies create a big role to our lives. It influences our perspective and way of understanding things here on earth or the entire universe. That is why if people are not careful, movies could sway their views. Movies shape our minds without our consciousness.
I find watching various movies my source of entertainment like you. I love how it plays with my mind and how it visually entertains me. When Oliver and I went to Mall of Asia, we passed by Movie Stars Cafe and was curious to see what’s inside. The word “movie” already struck both of us giving us the urge to check it out. We were there in the evening and entered to inquire. We tried to get 2 seats for us but we were unlucky, the room is full of reservations. 🙁 Both of us knew that someday, we will get our 2 seats there.
Oliver, who loves to check out online discount coupons, stumbled upon a promo for Movie Stars Cafe. After letting me know about it, I didn’t think twice but agreed to get that promo for us. Right after, we called Movie Stars Cafe and scheduled our dinner.
Finally, we had the chance to taste and see what’s inside Movie Stars Cafe.
Our scheduled dinner buffet started at 10pm. It is unfortunate I forgot to take photos of my food. It’s probably because we were both so eager to eat. The last meal we both had was lunch time, like around 12nn.
There was a long buffet – the photo above is from Movie Stars website. Oh how desperate I am to show you what we had. Our favorite appetizers were their Nachos & cheese dip, Crispy Crablets and sliced sausages. Also loved their Penne with Tomatoes and Cheese, Salisbury Steak and Sushi corner. Part of our buffet package was their unlimited cocktails, where we kept on asking for Tequila Sunrise as our beverage.
We were never bored at Movie Stars Cafe. Every 30 mins, there’s a show on stage that kept our eyes busy.
During breaks of stage performances, we take that opportunity either to stand and get our food from the buffet area or ask the waitress to take our photo with their crew in costume.
Yes, Optimus Prime joined us for dinner.
These dancers were terrific! I wanted to go up on stage and dance with them. :))
The Iron “Men” danced the night away, hip hop and robotic style.
Lion King performance made us recall the performances at Disney Land.
Chillin’ with the villains.
Life-sized Spiderman displayed at one side of the cafe.
My Spiderman hand sign looks so lame. 🙁
For only Php399, we didn’t just fill our stomachs with buffet food but also was packed with entertainment from performs of Movie Stars Cafe.
Thank you to the attentive servers who runs to our place when I raise up my arm to take most of our photos.
Definitely going back to that place soon! It’s good to know there are places like Move Stars Cafe here in Metro Manila to bring us splendid entertainment.
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Pray, Eat and Love.
The Food Scout

Location: Seaside Blvd., SM Mall of Asia, Pasay City, Philippines

Operating Hours: 12nn-2am
Contact: (+63) 905 277-9999; (+63) 908 200-9999
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mallofasia
Budget: PHP500++

Food 7/10
Ambiance 10/10
Service 9/10
Cost 9/10
Overall 8.75/10