McSpicy – Is it a Hooray for Today?
Sunday mornings are dedicated to worship services at church. Our family leaves 30 minutes before worship schedule to make sure we have a parking slot and comfortable seats with our preferred view. Worship starts at 9:00am so we arrive by 8:50 or exactly 9:00am. Since dad volunteered for the “traffic & parking ministry” at church, he needed to be at the church by 7:30am. That means, we are required to wake up early with him and be at church that early as well. We aren’t used to this body clock so we cram and don’t have time for breakfast at home anymore.
Last Sunday, we were exactly at the church at 7:30 in the morning. Oliver, who is not usually awake this early on Sundays, joined our early bird club and invited us for breakfast. Our church is located at Tiendesitas area where a McDonald’s branch is open for breakfast. That’s where we went while waiting for 9:00am.
For breakfast at McDonald’s, Egg Muffin or Sausage Muffin with Egg is my top of mind choice. While gazing my eyes on the menu board, I couldn’t let my eyes off McSpicy Chicken sandwich for breakfast. Hence, this McSpicy is the choice of the morning.
Is McSpicy a Yay or a Nay? 
To share with you my honest opinion, I am disappointed. Ok I get it, the picture is far off from how it really looks. But seriously, the chicken itself wrangled with my teeth. It’s so dense that I can’t bite it easily. I was asking my sister Reine, “Is the McSpicy really like this? The chicken is tough to bite.” She nodded her head and said, you just got bad kind of McSpicy.
The dressing of Big N’ Tasty has a more appealing taste than McSpicy’s dressing.
What I really despise is the chicken itself. Sorry but I have to go back and repeat the fact that my chicken fillet gave me a hard time to chew. I should have ordered the PHP50 Chicken Fillet instead.
My morning breakfast sandwich didn’t ruin my breakfast. McDonald’s Hot Chocolate still brightened my morning. I just wished the chicken fillet was better than how it tasted. I was so unlucky to get that awful chicken part.
My sister is contented with her Sausage Muffin with Egg after hearing me complain about my McSpicy.
If McDonald’s was not a hooray for my Sunday, seeing my dad serve for the Lord is the complete opposite. I didn’t expect to see my dad wearing his “parking & traffic” gear after Sunday service. Mom and I got too excited and didn’t let go of dad without taking a photo of him.
Serving God is not limited to ushering, song leading or preaching. Dad used his time to serve God through Traffic & Parking ministry. He directs the car drivers where to enter, exit or even where to park. Sounds like the job of traffic enforcers but for dad, this ministry was fun. Besides, he is doing it not to please church goers or even us, his family. All He cares about is our Heavenly Father who gave him time to serve Him.
So… Is your McSpicy a YAY or a NAY? Did it give you a Hooray for Today?
Let me know what you think of McDonald’s McSpicy. 🙂
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