The morning joggers, breakfast clubs, groups of Chinese men who enjoy a cup of coffee and bread, aerobics group are just some of the people I see every morning. The kind of environment Greenhills possess gives me the direction on how my morning lifestyle should be. The discipline of waking up early in the morning just to exercise partnered with breakfast food that gives me energy throughout the day is certainly ideal and realistic at the same time. Although it is not always easy to wake up early in the morning, I must say. Given that kind of lifestyle around the area, there is a demand for more breakfast establishments, serving coffee, tea, bread and/or favorite Filipino ‘silog’ meals.
Recently, Mister Donut became the talk of the town by opening their first Mister Donut Cafe. Mister Donut’s Greenhills branch is actually one of my favorites whenever I look for something cheap yet filling for breakfast. After finding out that they are converting their old style Mister Donut into a modern cafe gave me the thrill to see what’s new and what’s hot.
Mister Donut looks more hip, fun and modern. They are still occupying the same spot, only, they made it a little bit bigger.
If the place is new, don’t you think they’ll add something New? Well, this is it! Mister Donut is proud to present their newest Pon de Ring Donuts. Japan’s top donut is now here in the Philippines. Mister Donut finally came up with a decision to bring Pon De Ring for us Filipinos to enjoy.
What makes Pon de Ring stand out? Pon de Ring is uniquely chewy, soft, and maintains its “tamang tamang tamis” edge of Mister Donut. Altogether, Pon de Ring is that luscious affordable donut you’d want to have.
Not only chewy externally. You will know what I’m talking about as you taste it for yourself.
Several flavors await! The classic (Php 29), rocky road, sansrival, sugar raised, cookies & cream, cheese (Php 39) and more!
Pon de Ring is best eaten within 5 hours it gets out from the oven. Beyond 5 hours, there’s a slight difference with its texture. The point is you get to taste its freshness and chewiness. So better eat them fresh and hot!
I tried to store some left overs in the fridge and bring it to work the next day. The chewy texture is still there but it is not the best taste you can get out from Pon de Ring.
Your classic favorites like their bavarians, brownies, classic donuts, pies are surely not out of the picture.
Aside from their Pon de Ring, one new dish to try is Mister Donut’s Wagyu Burger with everything on it. The bread used was sweet glazed donuts. As a result, the entire burger tasted sweet. I would think this burger will taste better if they used regular sesame burger buns. Not that I’m conservative with my burger, I just think the wagyu will taste perfectly with hot regular bun to get rid of too much sweetness.
Spicy Tuyo Flakes (Php 100), another breakfast meal you can get from Mister Donut Cafe. This new breakfast meal is giving me another reason to head back to Mister Donut for breakfast.
Hot Chocolate & Coffee (Php 32 each) became our fallback. We were excited to try their milkshakes but the minute we ordered, we found out they ran out of milkshake for us. 🙁 This gives me another reason to head back and try their chocolate and strawberry milkshake.
Everyone, this is the better news! Mister Donut Greenhills is open 24 hours!!! You can conveniently consume their food anytime of the day. This is their first Mister Donut Cafe. How convenient for me. 🙂
Go ahead and check it out! Don’t forget to take some Pon de Ring with you too!
Pray, Eat and Love.
The Food Scout

Location: G/F Greenhills Shopping Center, Connecticut St. cor Ortigas, San Juan, Metro Manila, Philippines

Facebook Page:
Budget: PHP50++

Food 8/10
Ambiance 8/10
Service 9/10
Cost 9/10
Overall 8.5/10