Boracay morning, no rain is falling. My trip to Boracay was the time when there were warnings from newsmen that a tropical storm will come to Mindanao and Visayas area. I was troubled thinking… “Of all days, why should it be the time we were in Boracay?” 😐 “Bopha”, international storm name given, or “Pablo”, local name given, was expected to enter Philippines’ area of responsibility that day. Chances of having partly cloudy skies with isolated brief rain showers or thunderstorms in Boracay that day. Immediately after receiving that warning, I closed my eyes and prayed. All I wanted was safety for everyone in Boracay and our trip back to Manila will push through. At that time, my parents back in Manila were anxious thinking our flights might get cancelled. They wanted me to go home as soon as possible.
In this scenario, nobody is in control but God. I sincerely prayed and asked for protection. I surrendered my Boracay trip to Him and it is in His control whatever happens to us.

God is great for making it bright and sunny during our last day in Boracay. Yes there were warnings of storm passing by the region but then we didn’t feel that while we were there at the island. Warnings didn’t stop us from enjoying our Boracay trip. The sun was up and shining with no signs of storm. It was actually a good day to proceed with our activity, which was the Zorb ride.
A speedy ride from the top of that hill on the picture above. We entered a gigantic hard plastic ball where 2-4 persons can fit. Once settled inside the ball, we were pushed by one person and allowed gravity to roll down the ball until we reached the pool. Zorb ride was less than 20 seconds only. Sobrang bitin!
After our Zorb ride, still no signs of a storm coming to Boracay.
We were supposed to proceed with our next activity, Parasailing. But because of warnings from newsmen, Parasailing operations stopped. Better to be safe than sorry. We had no choice but to look for a spot where we can relax and have a good time. Besides, it was our last day at the beautiful island.
The decision was to stop at Jonah’s, chill while enjoying a glass of chilled fruit shake.
Lastly, our final stop before we pack-up and leave the island. We had to pick-up our boxes of famous Calamansi Muffins at Real Coffee, which we brought back to Manila to our families.
Overall, I conclude that It Is More Fun In The Philippines. The island of Boracay is a symbol of how rich our country is.
Thank you once again Boracay Mandarin Island Hotel for making my stay pleasurable and worry-free. High-class service from their friendly staff and crew. I recommend Boracay Mandarin Island Hotel if you are planning a Boracay getaway this year.
Pray, Eat and Love.
The Food Scout

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