Five-star hotel, the top of mind of my parents on celebrating occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, etc. Each time I ask my mom where we could eat on a family member’s birthday, she would automatically think of Edsa Shangri-la, Marriott Hotel, Crowne Plaza or other hotels we are familiar with. It’s really the top of mind choice of our family. The ambiance, location, quality of food and discounts we get are huge factors that make us choose those hotels. On the other hand, a thought bubble appeared and made me think to try somewhere new for a change. Since it was dad’s birthday last month, I took charge of choosing where our family could dine in to celebrate. Based on my friend’s opinions, I decided to take this chance to try Buffet 101.
Family appeared to be hesitant after telling them that I have chosen Buffet 101 for dad’s celebration. It took some effort to convince them that Buffet 101 could be worth our trip to MOA. Living in the north, it takes effort to drive all the way from our area to Pasay City. Especially on weekends, the traffic jam is the number one enemy.
Parents were not disappointed after stepping inside the restaurant. We all felt like we were in a hotel because of the ambiance, interiors and the buffet set-up. Mom liked the fact they gave dad a birthday treat – free gift certificates – when they found out it was dad’s birthday.
To begin my Buffet 101 experience, I started to fill my plate with sushi and sashimi. I couldn’t stop myself from getting sashimi. There’s always a party in my tummy when I get these Japanese treats.
After Japanese, I went to the Oriental side and tried their Peking Duck and dumplings. They weren’t bad at all. Average taste for Chinese food.
Other than Chinese food, our plates were also occupied with American food, Italian food, Filipino, Thai and a lot more cuisines. Just imagine all your favorites in a particular cuisine, they have it there. You wouldn’t run out of choices if you are not satisfied with a particular dish.
Although I think they lack seafood. There were some options, but I wasn’t impressed with its freshness. The seafoods they had didn’t appeal to my mouth. I tried their baked oysters, which disappointed me. The baked oysters were served cold, making it look unappetizing.
Beverages are part of the buffet. This includes sodas, juices and even fruit shakes. Unlike in restaurants, beverages are usually not included.
A big portion is allotted for desserts. Various colorful choices for our sweet tooth. If you are with someone who is diabetic, better watch out for that person. He/she might be tempted to grab these killer sweets.
Buffet 101 crew gave dad a short Happy Birthday song and a very tiny brownie with candle. I really find it cute when the restaurant crew or a group of people in general sings for a birthday celebrant. I don’t know, is it just me? :))
The awkward blowing of candle. Haha!
The sweetness of my favorite sister. 🙂
Dad took this “artistic” shot of me.
Spacious place to celebrate special occasions with family and friends. Feels like you’re in a 5-star hotel restaurant with a much more affordable price. I know I didn’t make a wrong choice for dad’s birthday. My family is actually looking forward to go back and use our free gift certificates. Wooohooo!
My favorite part in visiting a new place – looking up and checking out the chandeliers. 🙂
Seeing my parents in love is one of the things that make me feel at peace.
Pray, Eat and Love.
The Food Scout

Location: Bldg K, Seaside Blvd, San Miguel by the Bay, SM Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City, Metro Manila, Philippines

Contact: (+632) 556-2888, 556-3888, 556-9888
Buffet Budget:
Mon-Fri Lunch P699
Mon-Fri Dinner P950
Sat Lunch P799
Sun Lunch,Sat-Sun Dinner P1050
Kids below 4.5ft are P499.Kids below 3.5ft are free of charge.

Food 9/10
Ambiance 9/10
Service 9/10
Cost 9/10
Overall 9/10