6:00pm of October 19, 2012, I was stuck in the middle of EDSA, Guadalupe to be exact. My flight for Bacolod was scheduled at 7pm and the counter will close at 6:50. If I don’t make it to the counter at 6:45 and don’t show up, my ticket would be forfeited. The traffic during that night was seriously crazy. All cars are squished, moving extremely slow like turtles, from bumper to bumper. Traffic jam wherever you pass. Realistically speaking, driving to the airport (Terminal 3) for less than an hour was impossible during that Friday traffic jam.
In the car, I was just silently praying and asking God, “Lord, if you don’t want me to fly to Bacolod, I would understand. But I am praying that you grant me the desire to have this vacation with my friends”. I was desperately praying. 🙁 6:25 were still in EDSA moving sluggishly, there was no other way to go to the airport other than that.
I didn’t give up on praying and thinking what is God teaching me. Is he molding my character in handling such stress? In my heart, I know God is telling me to trust Him on this one. There was nothing else I can do but put this situation in His hands.
To cut the long story short, 6:41pm, I arrived to the airport and ran my way to the counter. I felt like I was in the movies running my way to reach my flight. Every single staff from the airport was watching me and shouting, “Siya pala yun!”. Apparently, found out from Nicole that she was talking to everyone in the airport if it is possible to wait for me since I was already in Edsa, on the way to the airport. Nicole kept on asking for considerations only for me to make it to my flight. (Sweet!) So when I reached the counter to check-in my luggage, I heard one man shouting, “LAST 2 MINUTES!”
(Photo by Nicole Ramos)
Well, I made it. Last 2 minutes! I arrived 6:43, Praise the Lord!!! I haven’t reached Bacolod yet but the adventure already began. 😉
*Most photos taken by an iPhone
The group didn’t have any room for other dishes except the famous Chicken Inasal of Bacolod. It was chicken inasal or nothing. Right after placing our things inside the hotel, our starving stomachs led us to our first stop in Bacolod, Chicken House along Lacson St.
Pecho (Php 75) and Garlic rice (Php 19) was already pre-set in my mind before even looking at the menu. We, Nicole, Kring and Em, knew what we wanted, our Chicken Inasal!
Happy ladies with Chicken Inasal! This well-know grilled chicken dish fed our starving stomachs.
Hooray for Masskara Festival!
After dinner, we walked along Lacson St. and checked out the party scene.
Cars along Lacson St. to hype up the street with some noise.
After a short walk, we stopped by this famous dessert house, Calea.
What to choose? What to get? It took me for about 5-10 minutes to decide what slice to order.
Three cakes we had – Fruity Cheesecake (Php 80), Oreo Cheesecake (Php 85) and Imported Chocolate Cake (Php 85). The generous slices plus the affordable price, unbelievable!
Fruity Cheesecake (Php 80) – The least I liked among the three. Ordinary taste, not something to rave about. What you’ll notice is how balanced the sweetness is. For its price and size, not bad at all.
Oreo Cheesecake (Php 85) – My friend Kring’s favorite and my second favorite. Yummy oreo base and oreo bits and pieces inside every bite. Balanced sweetness, similar to Fruity Cheesecake.
Imported Chocolate Cake (Php 85) – Tops my list as my favorite cake in Bacolod! Sweetness didn’t overkill while it blends the moist and fudge of its chocolate cake. I wanted to bring home one whole cake but then, I have to consider my other baggages and pasalubong treats.
Night 1 complete! I am still amazed how I made it to my flight. Last 2 minutes! Whew! Every minute, every second really counts.
Pray, Eat and Love.
The Food Scout 

Chicken House 

Location: 24th St. corner Lacson St. Bacolod City, Negros Occidental, Philippines
Budget: PHP100++
Location: 14th St. corner Lacson St., Bacolod City, Negros Occidental, Philippines
Budget: PHP100++