Second day of our Bacolod trip, our agenda was to visit the ruins, experience the Masskara parade and have a good time at night. You know how plans go, not everything follows according to plan. Whether man may create plans or not, there are things beyond our control that can divert our plans to a different direction.
Not everything on our agenda has a check mark beside. In fact, the only thing that was accomplished was to party and experience the night life in Bacolod.
After lunch, we went to Bob’s Restaurant to have a light snack. The four of us didn’t have enough space to fill in more food since we had our breakfast (brunch) buffet at the hotel. The first time I tried Bob’s was not in Bacolod, but in Makati. So if you are from Manila, you can visit Bob’s Restaurant anytime. Price wise, definitely Bacolod branch is way cheaper.
Pandan Mamon (Php 29) – There were so much interesting pastries, cakes and breads to try. Among the rest, what seemed different to me is their Pandan Mamon. Only 2 pieces left, lucky for me and Em. The texture was soft and moist with its pandan aroma I could smell before taking a bite.
A buffet section was also available at Bob’s Restaurant. Nobody from the group was interested to load up too much on food.
The plan to visit the Ruins was ruined. Rain poured down like cats and dogs. It wasn’t a good time to force the plan.
As an alternative, we walked along Lacson St. and explored what to see during the day. A chill and gloomy day welcomed us, which led us to getting a table and simply chill.
Lacson St. was kind of dead in the afternoon. Only a few were out that time.
The tricycle joyride from was an experience for us.
Nothing to do in the afternoon aside from eating and observing the town. Hence, the group decided to head back to the hotel for a quick power-nap and re-charge for Bacolod’s night life.
Dinner at Inaka happened. Waited in line at 21 to try their famous Batchoy but plan failed again. 🙁 We waited for an hour to get a table but we were unfortunate. 21 was packed with families and it seemed like a long dinner for them to stand up and leave the restaurant. Our stomachs couldn’t take it anymore, grumbling like hungry hippos, so we ended up at Inaka Restaurant and Sushi Bar, a Japanese restaurant beside 21.
Fried Salmon Maki (Php 180) 
The chef showed his moves at the Teppanyaki table.
Dinner ended at the time the colorful lighted Masskara parade passed by Lacson St. We saw a number of floats, performing their Masskara dance moves. Those were short performances and we wanted to see more. 🙁
Lacson street was already getting packed with people walking and dancing, so we moved our way to 2 parties, also at the same street – parties at Gerry’s Grill and L’Fisher Hotel
With the man behind Rhipstop, Kaz!
One thing I concluded that night : Nothing beats Sinulog parties in Cebu!
Pray, Eat and Love.
The Food Scout

Bob’s Restaurant

Location: BS Aquino Drive, Shopping, Bacolod City, Negros Occidental, Philippines
Budget: PHP250++
Inaka Restaurant and Sushi Bar
Location: Lacson St., Bacolod City, Negros Occidental, Philippines

Budget: PHP250++