Often times, people judge food based on its prices. When food is expensive, some people judge instantly that the food is so called “good”. When food is affordable or cheap, some people judge that the quality is poor or taste is just average. There is quick prejudice about food just because of the price it has. 
A month ago, dad brought home some brownies to the house. He knows how much of a freak I am when it comes to desserts. I can say that over and over again because I will never get dizzy of talking about desserts. It’s like I have a sugar rush party in my mind all the time. :)) Upon seeing the box of brownies, I stared and it looked ordinary to me. Placed inside a regular-sized red box, no designs, plain and neat. I pinched from one bar and placed in my mouth. After pinching once, I found myself pinching another one, and another one, and you know what happened next. One pinch turned into 1 large bar in less than 5 minutes. I didn’t notice how addicting the brownies were. 
Fudgy Brownies (Php 25) – The brownies hooked me to grabbing at ‘least’ one bar a day. The measure of judging brownies is how fudgy and chewy it can get. I would say the brownies I had were better than expensive ones you get from bakeries or over-the-counter. For its price, Php 25, I’d say it is really reasonably priced. You will get addicted knowing how affordable these brownies are. 
We didn’t keep the brownies in the fridge to maintain its ‘fudgy’ texture. Each time I pass by the dining table to check on the brownies, it’s noticeable how fast these brownies disappear. Dad, mom and my sister couldn’t keep away from them. No foolishness here. I am serious! Dad made us fat in just 3 days. Thanks to these deadly and fudgy brownies! 
One box consists of 10-12 large bars of brownies. Good idea to give away for occasions like birthdays, Christmas, office parties, etc.
One evening, I checked the fridge and I saw 1/2 gallon of caramel ice cream. A bright idea popped out of me. I indulged in getting 2 scoops of caramel ice cream and mixing it with fudgy brownies. The typical me I suppose. Made it a sugar rush night for me! 
Apple Pie (Php 45) – The crumbs and crust stood out. Even without the apple slices, I’d still eat this pie. Average size that’s enough for one. Its size could be comparable to my palm. Just like a cupcake. 
Full of apples inside the pie, which is surprising for its price. 
What’s lacking is a small scoop of whip cream to match the pie. 
Peach Mango Pie (Php 45) – Oozing with peach mango filling, which I love. Quite messy to eat when you use your hands. Same crumbs and crust with the apple pie but I love the filling of their peach mango pie more than their apple pie. Feel alive and animated after having one. Although it gave a similar effect to me like how brownies hooked me to indulging on it. I don’t know if that’s a positive or negative effect for me. I can be overly and dangerously hyper whenever I eat too much sweets. So, beware! :))

Decent desserts comes with decent prices. You won’t get disappointed especially if you are conscious with your expenses. I suppose most of us are. We care and value about food and its prices as well. 
I recommend Daily Gourmet’s desserts not only for you to indulge but for others as well. How about considering their desserts as an option for your giveaways on Christmas, baptisms, birthdays or other special occasions? You can simply contact their numbers as seen below. Besides, it’s not pricey to have Daily Gourmet in your homes. 
Pray, Eat and Love.
The Food Scout
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