We rejected breakfast buffet for the first time. Why? First, we didn’t want to be pressured to wake up early just for breakfast buffet. Second, Galaxy Hotel has numerous restaurants to choose from, including their food court with different types of cuisine. Lastly, we didn’t want to be stuffed, leaving no space for more food as we roam around Macau. 
Without the pressure of hurrying up for breakfast, we started to freshen up at around 9am, went to the ground floor of Galaxy Hotel and checked out the long lane with various restaurants. 
Tsui Wah Restaurant caught our morning hunger with their bread display from the entrance. Bread is the key to my heart at anytime of the day, especially mornings. I automatically made the decision to try out Tsui Wah Restaurant simply because of their breads. 
Continental Breakfast ($ 49) – My sister Reine’s typical breakfast. Everything she loves is on this plate. Loaded her belly with these food before heading to our tour around Macau. 
Mexico Creamy Yolk Bun ($ 13) – Rough outside texture that tasted creamy and soft inside. Reine didn’t make a mistake in choosing this bread for us. My breakfast was already complete by having one piece of this ducky bun.

Pineapple Bun ($ 11) – Compared to Mexico Creamy Yolk Bun, this one tasted bland. With all effort, I tried to eat half of the bun for me to get the pineapple taste. As I reached the middle part, still no rich taste of pineapple in it. Only 10% of the entire bun tasted like pineapple. The rest, tasted like a normal soft bun. 
Calamansi juice included as part of our Continental Breakfast order. 
After eating in Tsui Wah Restaurant, parents walked their way to the food court. Mom was craving for a thai dish, which wasn’t available in Tsui Wah. So it was obviously her choice to get Pad Thai. 
While parents were dating over a plate of Pad Thai, the children, I mean my sister and I, bonded over selecting jellybeans from the colorful Jelly Belly store. Getting one plastic bag wasn’t enough for both of us. There were so many choices! We were so confused on what to get; we wanted to take everything home!! But I had to control myself when it comes to sweets. I didn’t insist on getting another bag for myself. Instead, I just shared from what Reine got for us. :-
To burn down some calories we had for breakfast, we became ‘dora the explorer’ in our own ways. We roamed around the Galaxy Hotel and enjoyed the scenic view from every corner we go to. 
How I wish I could remove my wedge boots and dip in the pool. 🙁
The following photos are ironic as to how we dressed up. Well, let me explain Macau’s weather at that moment – sunny/windy/chilly. Don’t be surprised if our outfits don’t match with the summer resort view.
Imagine if Galaxy Hotel is in the Philippines, people will enjoy swimming here more than Macau.
Wave pool with white sand for the beach bums.
That’s the perfect attire if you want to swim. Better wear a rash guard to protect yourself from feeling chills. 
As always, here you can see mom and dad goofing around. :))

This photo is almost perfect, except for my cold weather outfit while at Galaxy Hotel’s very own “beach”. Indeed, Macau is not the venue to get a tan or spend time under the sun. For a beach-loving person like me, I’d still go to Philippine beaches. It’s the best! #itsmorefuninthephilippines (If you’re a Filipino, I demand you to fist bump me to that!)
Pray, Eat and Love.
The Food Scout