Burgos Circle is really becoming the “hub for foodies”. Last 2011, I saw how the restaurants emerged in a short span of time. They filled up the side-streets with tables and chairs plus big and colorful signs of their restos. What I like about the restaurants there is that most of the restaurants in Burgos Circle are the ones you don’t commonly spot in malls or other public places. 
So before the year ended, I didn’t miss the chance of joining my friends (the club) to eat out in the newly opened Japanese restaurant named Yakitori Kitchen. After our long dinner, I made a conclusion right away that I would be hanging out more in that area. 
Check out the dishes I tried in Yakitori Kitchen and you’ll find out why…
Momo / Chicken Leg Meat (Php 100) – Soft meat with great sauce. Enuf said. Haha! Sauce they used was Yakitori, which blended well with the glaze of the meat. Started my night getting a stick of Momo. I wanted to get more but then the owner told us that he would serve more food. So better not to stuff ourselves too much. 
Uzura / Qual Eggs (Php 95) – I missed UP street food when they served this. Similar to kwek-kwek only there is no orange batter on it. Instead, they used Yakitori sauce to add more flavor. 
Jagabei / Potato wrapped in Bacon (Php 140) – Sorry to disappoint bacon fans, but I am not. This is the perfect combo for my sister. She adores bacon + potato!
Chikubei / Chikuwa wrapped in Bacon (Php 140) – What is Chikuwa? It means Japanese seafood cakes. Thought the Chikuwa was squid after taking a bite because of its chewy texture. But I already had doubts because of the taste. It tasted like a mix of fish and squid. Then I found out it was seafood. That’s why! 
Kamaboko / Crabcakes (Php 95) – Out of all sticks, this was my favorite! It was served hot on the stick, glazed with Yakitori sauce. The crabcakes were smooth inside, rough outside. Rightly cooked since it gave a juicy texture while munching on the crabcakes. I’m surely going to order their Kamaboko when I visit again.
Bonchili / Chicken Tail (Php 150) – Oh it was fatty for me! While I was looking at it, I already knew it was high in cholesterol. I only had a very tiny bite for the sake of tasting it. Again, the Yakitori sauce made it more delicious. 
Yagen / Cartilage (Php 140) – I was eating this the wrong way. I didn’t know that you can munch on the bones, which is healthy by the way. Good thing I was dining with fellow foodies and I learned from them that you can actually eat the entire thing. The bones were crunchy and easy to digest. Not a guilty eat compared to the high cholesterol Chicken Tail.
Tebasaki / Chicken Wing (Php 120) – How cool is that? You don’t need to remove the bones to eat Chicken Wings. Yakitori Kitchen did the job of deboning the chicken for you. In one stick, your chicken wing is ready to eat. 
Tsukune / Minced Chicken Balls (Php 120) – Normal meatballs packed with minced Chicken in Japanese flavor. The stick of Tsukune won’t be that great if there wasn’t the favorite sauce of the night, Yakitori of course. It seems to be an appropriate order for kids. The sweetness and chicken flavor could match a child’s taste buds. 
Curry Chahan (php 180) – The rice was served at the later part of our dinner. Without looking at the bowl of Curry Chahan, I already had a hint it was made of curry because of the powerful smell of curry. The rice was a good partner of almost all sticks, most especially the stick of Tsukune (Chicken balls). 
Ninniku / Garlic (Php 50) – If you had too much of Chicken Tail, then better get a stick and chew on these cloves of garlic. Health benefits of garlic will alleviate your high cholesterol problems, including diabetes, allergies, hypertension and more. Balancing your diet with garlic can surely help you more. Don’t fret about the taste. It was made special because of the imported salt Yakitori used. 

You’ll see how much you ate by just looking at the cup of used sticks.

Completed our Japanese experience, Plum Wine. 

Had a wonderful time in Yakitori Kitchen with these foodies! 🙂 
More food trips this 2012 for sure!!! 
Pray, Eat and Love 
The Food Scout
Location: Forbestown Center, Burgos Circle, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig
Budget: PHP250++
Rate: 8.5/10