The agenda for our first night was to walk and stroll along the long Orchard Road. But before anything else, or let me say before shopping, we fueled up our stomachs first. In this way, we wouldn’t starve to death and have the energy we need for the long night of shopping.
Years ago, when Concorde Hotel was still Le Meridien, we often visit the food center because of their spicy Crab Meat dish. It was our family’s favorite. That evening, we wanted to see if they still have it there. Mom decided to have our dinner at the food center of Concorde Hotel and look for what we were craving for.

 Crab meat / Prawn with Curry Powder (SGD 7.50) – How cool is that? We found what we were looking for! It took me for about 8 minutes to spot the Crab Meat dish we wanted. I was really excited to get a taste of it and see if the taste hasn’t changed.

The verdict? There were less crab meat compared to what they used to have. Grrr! Although the spiciness and mild curry flavor were still there, which makes the dish still a Singapore favorite for me. 
Sweet & Sour Fish (SGD 7.50) – I wasn’t convinced that there was something special about their Sweet & Sour Fish. I think we can do better in our kitchen. It was a good thing we ordered though, so that there would be fish for dinner. Something healthy I suppose. 
Chicken with Cashew Nut (SGD 6.50) – I also like this particular order of mom for dinner. The sauce was a good accompaniment with the sauce of Crab meat / Prawn with Curry Powder. This made our dinner more appetizing. I guess we will be ordering this the minute we go back to Singapore for leisure.
After our delightful saucy dinner, we did what we were supposed to do…

While walking, we saw the Ice Cream stand and of course, we bought for everyone. 
I super love their Ice Cream! For SGD 1, I had this cold Red Bean Ice Cream Sandwich. 

I still love our very own Dirty Ice Cream, but I can’t help but also hunger for their Ice Cream sandwiches, which you can find all around Orchard Road. 

Beggars should be more creative like this artist. Entertaining and not annoying.

Mom told me to pose beside the statue because she found it cool. I couldn’t think of other poses anymore so this is what I did.

Stay tuned on this blog guys!
More of my yummy and action-packed Singapore adventure on my next posts. 🙂
Pray, Eat and Love.

The Food Scout