The rides and attractions in Universal Studios Singapore may have eaten up most of my time. But as a foodie, I didn’t let those distracted me. Before falling in line to the rides, I made sure I was fully fueled up with food to energize me from day to night at the park. Thus, I looked for a restaurant that could do that for me and everyone else with me.
Rice wasn’t the instrument for making me energized at that time, but Pizza was. It was perfect for that idea to choose Loui’s Pizza located at New York zone of Universal Studios.
Pepperoni Pizza (SGD 42.00) – One whole pizza with thick slices. One slice was equivalent to 2-3 slices already if you compare it to other pizza chains. The dough was very American, not that thick yet soft and juicy taste. Its dough made the pizza a hit. Cheese didn’t overpower the taste, which is a positive thing. I think if they made the pizza too cheesy, I wouldn’t appreciate the dough anymore.
Original New York Wings (SGD 9.80) – I totally forgot about asking if there was a dip for this when I took a bite. It was good as it was. Buffalo wings is really the partner of any kind of pizza.
A bowl of complimentary soup, served with our pizza and wings. I didn’t eat much of it. My concentration was more on finishing the huge slice of pizza I had.
The kiddie tumbler-sized drink my sister and I shared.
After dining in Loui’s Pizza, we immediately ran to the newest attraction of Universal Studios, Transformers Ride.
Food Scout Tip: If you are in Universal Studios for a food trip, don’t expect too much. The quality of food is absolutely great but the price is not that suitable for a budgeted foodie. For sure there are more reasonable priced restaurants outside the park. So if you plan to visit Universal Studios on a budget, better load and eat up outside and just have some snacks inside.
Pray, Eat and Love.
The Food Scout