The last time I visited Cebu, I wasn’t able to go around the city that much to enjoy Cebu’s finest restaurants. That was during Sinulog 2011, when my schedule was too tight with activities with friends. 
This year’s Sinulog, I made a pact to myself that I would give time to try at least one restaurant in Cebu that you couldn’t find in Manila. Fortunately, my plan to visit one restaurant turned to be a success. I’m proud to show you guys my first time at Casa Verde, Cebu
Normally, Casa Verde is crammed up with people. I, together with my friends, made the right decision to make Casa Verde as our first stop. When we went, there wasn’t any line yet. Although the seats inside the restaurant were already full so we had no choice but to stay by the veranda, which has a nice view anyway. 

The Big Bang Burger (Php 388) – One word – Awesome! That burger was freaking huge and delicious! Its bread was soft and tasted fresh.. Talk about value for money, the size, the price and the taste. All in one package for a hungry foodie. 
Absolutely good for sharing and bonding with friends! 
Food trip buddy for my Cebu trip, my grade school best friend Nicole. 🙂
Our favorite Cebuano, Brent. During lunch, he taught us some bisaya words we could use when conversing with Cebuanos. Some of the words I remember were “unsa – what”, “asa – where”, “gamay lang – just a little” and my favorite word “ok-ok – cockroach”. 
I really want to learn more bisaya words!!! 😀 
Big burger, small slice of burger. That was already a big portion for me!
You better go to Casa Verde with a hungry tummy. 
Best Sampler (Php 275.00) – We were so indecisive of what appetizer to order. The three of us were discussing on what to get until the waiter interrupted and suggested Best Sampler, composed of Golden Fried Cheese, Buffalo Wings and Potato Skins served with marinara sauce, sour cream and bleu cheese. Good choice, bai! 
The plate landed on the table and everyone grabbed their fork to get a piece of this.This Golden Fried Cheese was everyone’s favorite. I like it with marinara and bleu cheese dip.
About 4 pieces of Buffalo Wings served, more than enough for the three of us. For this spicy wings, I combined sour cream and still bleu cheese as my dip. 
Nicole was trying to imitate me using her pretty in pink camera. 
No mre room for us inside. 🙁 If you plan to dine in here, make a reservation or go as early as you can. Be ready for a queue if you go on weekends.

I’m glad we had a heavy scrumptious lunch at Casa Verde. It was a long day for us and we really needed that lunch to turbocharge our bodies for an exciting weekend. Nicole and I agreed that our first meal in Cebu was definitely a smashing welcome for our Sinulog weekend. 
Note to Self: I will learn more Bisaya words so that I can converse more with Cebuanos. Hahaha! 
Pray, Eat and Love.
The Food Scout
Location: 3/F The Terraces, Ayala Center, Cebu Business Park, Cebu City
Budget: PHP300++
Rate: 9/10