Go to the pantry, get the fruity paper bag and put out the ‘baon’, my routine during lunch breaks. When I’m at work, I seldom go out to restaurants or fast food chains to spend my hour of lunch break. I prefer to stay inside the pantry and enjoy my home-cooked food. On the other hand, Heart, Meat & Soul Foods broke my routine a few weeks ago. I didn’t bother to bring my baon because I found out that they would send me food in the office. So YAY for me, and my officemates! 🙂
Heart, Meat and Soul Foods basically specializes in individually packaged foods. The minimum order of 1 dish is for 8 or more persons. If you work in an office, it would be good to try this as you get to save money, rather than eating out and buying from overrated fast food chains.

Soulful, Tender Roast Chicken (PHP 849, good for 8) – Fresh from the oven when it was served to us. Despite the travel time, it was made sure that the chicken was still steaming hot and full of flavor. For those who love chicken skin, I’m sure you would like this roasted chicken skin as well. It is not fatty as fried and crispy chicken. So not a guilt when you indulge on the roasted chicken skin. 🙂 However, I just noticed that the chicken was not “super” cooked. For me, I like my chicken to be browned with no signs of raw meat.

The sauce of this roasted chicken is not only for the rice or the chicken itself but also for the Hearty creamy mashed potato. You can choose to take a scoop of the sauce and pour it on the mashed potato. My officemates and I tried it and we all agreed that it made the mashed potato even more tasty.
Hearty, Creamy Mashed Potatoes (PHP 379, good for 8) – With or without the sauce, I could tell that the mashed potato filled up my stomach with goodness. It was not plain and smooth, there were a bit of potato chunks you can actually taste, which I really liked. Tried to bring some from my sister and because of that, she was inspired to prepare mashed potatoes the next day! Haha! 
Hearty, Meaty, Spaghetti (PHP 1,599, good for 12) – Some Italian restaurants frustrate me when their pasta sauce feels so “tipid”, wherein I can barely taste the meat in their sauce. This Hearty, Meaty Spaghetti didn’t frustrate me at all. Every bite of this tomato-based pasta dish is filled with heavy grounded meat. Rich yet affordable. Added with some mushrooms, it was definitely a delightful dish.
Seriously meaty-licious! 
My officemate Kim shows how you should eat a chicken leg, with poise and with a little smile. 🙂

Heart, Meat & Soul Foods is now accepting orders. But make sure that you schedule and order at least 2 days before if you are planning for big orders. But for small orders, 8-12 persons, it is alright if you wish to order within the day. 

Remember, prices are not inclusive of delivery charges. Better contact them for more of the price details. FYI, Katipunan area is the reference point.
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Pray, Eat and Love.
The Food Scout
How to Contact: 
You can check out their blog or facebook fan page for more information. 
Budget: PHP850++ 
Rate: 7.5/10