Naturally, people are born lazy. Most people prefer to lean their backs and enjoy the comfort that they have. I have a Lazyboy chair at home. And each time I sit on it, it feels like you just want to recline for the longest time. Although I know it could be tempting to stay put all day, I don’t really want to use and take advantage of the comfort it gives me on a regular day. I know myself. Once I start sitting on it, I wouldn’t want to get out and simply enjoy the comfort of the chair.
Similarly to most of us, once we experience comfort, it is difficult for us to step out of the “comfort zone” we have and lean our backs straight and forward. If given the chance to be financially sufficient, I bet some of you would not work anymore and enjoy the comfort of your homes. And relating it to food, receiving classic gourmet food on your table is something you wish you have 24/7. There could be times that you wish you have an in-house chef who could cook incredible dishes. 
Bringing the good news, there is Gourmigz (by Migz David) that you can call out when you are in need of some classic gourmet food delivered to your doorsteps. 

Gourmet meals are unusual to be delivered. Usually, you can only call for fast food chains and commercialized restaurants to send food to wherever you are. But for people like me who often craves for quality gourmet food, I think we need another option aside from the usuals. If you are just like me, you would probably be interested in Gourmigz

Gourmigz makes one of the best homemade gourmet dishes that you normally order when you are out in restaurants. It is suitable to our taste buds and I attest to that. You won’t see that much of a difference (in terms of quality) when you check out the food served to you by Gourmigz and the expensive gourmet restaurants you visit. 
Here are some of the dishes by Gourmigz:

Baked Brie with fig and apple was the first dish on the table. Looking at the bread at first didn’t excite me. I thought it was a plain kind of bread you can regularly grab from the market or some bread shops. On the contrary, Migz, the owner of Gourmigz, surprised me as soon as I took a slice of his Baked Brie. I am telling you, it was really delectable! For an appetizer, it literally gave me the appetite to try more of his dishes. The blend of apple and brie is definitely a thumbs up! 

Garden Salad, with grapes, dried cranberry and a summer vinaigrette – I love how cranberries made the salad more appetizing. When I create my salad at home I usually put mango and grapes. It was the first time I tried cranberries on it. Thanks to Migz for this idea. I will probably try to add cranberries to my homemade salad. 

This chef will make sure your meals are prepared clean and neat. If you take a peek inside his kitchen, you would see how OC he is! 🙂 

Penne Ala Vodka – Warning: this is addictive! Not because of its vodka, which you could barely taste, but because of the dish itself. Tomato and cream sauce mixed together created a mouthwatering pasta on the plate. 

Gambas Al Ajillo con Chorizo – Just by looking at the dish itself, I already knew I won’t be disappointed. Hence, my expectations were right. The rich taste of this gambas defines what Gourmigz food is. My goodness, it was so good! I felt like I was in an expensive fine dining restaurant. The medium-sized shrimps were cooked fresh and juicy. It felt like Migz was inspired while he was cooking this dish. 

Chocolate Orange Crisps – Last but not the least. This ended the night with a big smile on my face. My face won’t lie. I will definitely give a big smile on my face if I love the food. And the cookies by Gourmigz could be like drugs, highly addictive! The orange strips you see on the photo is a candy-coated orange. When you bite the thin crisp cookie, you will hear the crunchiness on it. Very fine and full of chocolate goodness. 🙂 

If you are interested, you can contact:
Gourmigz at 0917-8044808.
Migz will be friendly and courteous to assist you for your concerns. 🙂 You can ask him about the prices and other specific details you need.
Food delivery around Fort Bonifacio is FREE!
For Makati area, minimum order of Php500 only.
For Ortigas/Pasig or places near the area, minimum of Php1000 only.
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Pray, Eat and Love.
The Food Scout
Budget: PHP250++
Rate: 8.5/10