Walking hungrily along San Juan looking for a place to stuff my hungry stomach, I landed in a small restaurant around the corner. Balkan Express, serving Serbian cuisine at its finest and most authentic way.

Have you ever tried Serbian cuisine? I haven’t. This happens to be the first time.

The Food:

Balkanska Snicla

Soft and fluffy buns squeezing a fillet of tender chicken showered with Serbian spices.  

Filled with grilled chicken and vegetables. The meat was perfectly grilled, perfectly firm and not that soft. Every Balkanska Snicla you order will be served with thick-sliced fries.

Stuffed Pijeskavica

My type of heavy and manly dinner. Tender beef stuffed mozzarella cheese oozing from the inside. 

The bed of rice adds weight to a heavy loaded meal.

I was in a serious mood enjoying my Serbian plates. However, my stomach isn’t still trained to accommodate heavy dishes all at the same time. Given that, I bring a friend with me whenever I scout for food. Any volunteers? 🙂

For a lady, one plate is enough for sharing with a friend. All you need is an order of extra rice.

Owned by Marko Batricevic, one of my schoolmates from DLSU. Marco was in the store to entertain, accommodate and serve us during our spontaneous visit. When you visit Balkan Express in San Juan, there is a big chance you would stumble into him, probably standing taller than you, ready to serve you.

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Pray, Eat and Love.
The Food Scout
Location: 87 Jose Abad Santos St., corner Mons St. Little Baguio, San Juan, Metro Manila, Philippines
Budget: PHP300++
Rate: 8/10