Out on an adventure, mom and I loved the streets of Soho New York that we were fearless to walk around even if it was late at night. I really thought mom was too tired from our morning and afternoon walks, around Soho and Chinatown. Her adventurous spirit lights up each time we travel and I love her for that! At night in Soho, there were areas that are relaxed, there were areas that are crowded. We didn’t want to blend in too much with the crowd and opted for a chill evening over steak and wine. Hence, we walked to Aurora Soho in Broome St for that.

Aurora Soho squeezes in its small place an excellent list of Italian (Tuscany style) dishes. You’ll think we’d go to a popular steakhouse for our steak cravings huh? We wanted to satisfy our Italian palate as well.
The problem with dining with mom is that we hunger for more varieties of dishes on our table but we also know we couldn’t finish them all. Wasting food is a no no for us. Food is not cheap and we have to only order what we can finish.
The Food:
il Prosciutto e Burrata (USD 18)
Rate: 5/5
Starting with a long wooden plate of 18 months aged prosciutto di Parma with cow milk burrata cheese and tomato fettunta or what we all know as bruschetta. My oh my! Mom and I looked at each other after a strip of prosciutto and our emotions synced. It was like a happy pill to both of us, partnered with a pinch of burrata.
The crunch of bruschetta and the freshness of minced tomatoes were in perfect harmony.
i Raviolacci di Zucca (USD 20)
Rate: 4/5
i Raviolacci di Zucca is a unique combination of butternut squash filled pasta, braised oxtail ragu and pecorino sardo cheese. The dinner went smooth and sound, loving every piece of the ravioli.
il Manzo (USD 32)
Rate: 5/5
While in the middle of our conversations over the ravioli, il Manzo eventually came to us. It was Creekstone farm rib eye steak with garlic onfit, fingerling potatoes and balsamic cipollotti onions. All I can say, the medium-cooked steak is excellent!!! The support ingredients like the cipollotti onions boosted the flavors coming out from the steak. Simply excellent!
We intended to share a slab of steak, thinking we’d be extremely full for dinner and it was only our 2nd day in New York. Haha! But I left Aurora wishing I had one more tender and flavorful il Manzo! Today, Mom and I still talk about how much we love Aurora Soho’s steak!
The Ambiance:
Bare brick walls and country tools hanged against it. Aurora houses a rustic theme, similar to its roots in Tuscany, Italy.
From the door, it is a narrow and quite dark sight that isn’t welcoming. Move forward and you can breathe with more space and find yourself seated comfortably.
Mom, my NYC buddy
My patient mom, patient in waiting for me to take photos of our food and everything else. Hahaha!
If given the chance to go back to New York with mom, we’d love to dine at Aurora Soho again!
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Pray, Eat and Love.
The Food Scout
Location: 510 Broome St. New York City, New York, USA
Website: http://www.aurorasoho.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Aurora-Soho-328319832605/