Eats a Date at Project Pie! Prepare yourself and your date for a delicious yet affordable date this Valentine’s month.

O and I treat every month as ‘love’ month, but February weighs more since we’re also turning 3 in just a few days. After hearing the news of Project Pie’s February promo, we headed to the first Project Pie branch along Shaw and what else, pig out!
What’s interesting about Project Pie is the freedom to express your inner creative chef by designing your own artisan pizza. On a 9.5-inch pizza, you get to play around what ingredients to add on. Adding everything edible is tempting, but I strongly don’t recommend. Only if you want an awful pizza creation, then you do that. As much as possible, decide on the ingredients and toppings you really love, mix veggies and meat, and be creative with your cheese combo. One of the favorite combinations I did was mixing jalapeños and prosciutto together. Just remember, you can’t blame Project Pie if your pizza combination tastes weirdly odd. Haha!
Project Pie Valentine’s Promo
From February 6 to 29, Project Pie altered their menu for couples like us. If you’re price conscious, a meal for two below Php1,000 wouldn’t be a pain to hear. For pizza lovers, you’ll wish this promo will last longer than a month, forever rather.
2-in-1 Pizza
First, build-your-own meal combination by starting with a 2-in-1 flavor pizza together. You and your lover call the shots by designing your 9.5-inch pizza with more than 30 fresh and premium toppings.
Caesar Salad
Primo Meatballs
Next, choose whether to Keep It Lite with Caesar Salad Lite or go Hot ‘n Heavy with Primo Meatballs. This could be the healthy lady’s choice or the meaty man’s choice. Take your pick! Haha!
Then, you could chill with cold local beers or fill up your thirsty tank with refillable (soda) beverages.

Lastly, make it a real sweet Valentine’s with the oh-so-sweet limited edition Ferrero Smores Pie.
Eats really a date (pun intended) for only Php695!

What do you think of Project Pie’s Eats a Date for 2 at P695?

Share with me your thoughts! 🙂

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Pray, Eat and Love.
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