On our first morning in Tribeca, New York, it was freezing outside our hotel. We wanted to take a long walk to Soho for breakfast but we were halted by the American deli beside Sheraton Hotel named Tribeca Bagels. With the sight of bagels inside, I immediately knew what to have for breakfast.

The American deli with displays of food and menu makes it easier for customers to choose what to order. More than just bagels, Tribeca Bagels also sells burgers, pizza, sandwiches, made-to-order salads, fruit shakes, savory hot meals from a steam table and a lot more. If you work near the area and need to grab a quick meal, it is always convenient to pass by an American deli like Tribeca Bagels for that.
Cold cuts are also for sale at Tribeca Bagels.
First, choose your type of bagel. It’s either I take Everything Bagels or Garlic Bagels. Then, choose your spread. We always request for our bagels to be re-heated. For the spread, you can either buy a small cup of your chosen spread separately or purchase as part of your bagel sandwich.
I spotted the perfect spread for my Everything Bagel! Can you guess which one??
Lox Spread Cream Cheese!!!
Everything Bagel with Lox Spread Cream Cheese
For days, my body was filled with Everything Bagel and Lox Spread Cream Cheese.
The spread lacked more lox, fillet of brined salmon, yet had a generous amount of cream cheese.

Customers of Tribeca Bagels are mostly New Yorkers working around Tribeca or Soho Manhattan. And also some tourists checked-in at Sheraton Tribeca Hotel.

For one bagel sandwich, I think we only spent less than $3.

In general, I love American delis in New York! Tribeca Bagels became our most convenient breakfast place during our whole stay in the Tribeca neighborhood.


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