Choosing between a smart phone and a tablet? Why not choose a PHABLET then?
Nowadays, our phone can miraculously do almost everything our minds can imagine. Stay alone in a room for hours with just a phone on your hand, I assume there won’t be a single dull moment. Of course, with internet working with it. There came a time when your average sized phone cannot meet your demands anymore. I felt that when I used an iPhone 5 and compared its screen with my Samsung friends with larger screens. I badly wanted a bigger screen for a better photo and video viewing. When I thought a 6-inch phone is enough, I again realized bigger looks better.
Lenovo PHAB Plus
Lenovo unveiled the latest evolution in mobile devices, the Lenovo PHAB Plus. It’s a beautifully designed premium phablet optimized for single-hand use. For today’s millenials, that’s us, the Lenovo PHAB Plus promises to eliminate your dilemma of choosing between overpriced smartphones with big screens and underwhelming small tablets by offering a 6.8-inch device with best-in-class entertainment, speedy internet and all-day battery life.
Phone + Tablet
One advantage of using a smartphone and tablet in one is the consumers’ 24/7 connectivity needs with its Dual Sim and 4G LTW fast connectivity. This ensures a reliable and fast connection whether in the Philippines or abroad.
Lenovo PHAB Plus is designed to be compatible with both left- and right-handed users. It may not be obvious but it has been optimized for a comfortable one-hand use. Double-tap to turn the screen on and create a one-hand keyboard that shrinks and snaps to your hand position.
The biggest challenge we face in phones is the battery. Excelling with its 3,500mAh battery, you could stay up to 24hrs of talk time and more or less 20 days of standby time. Its built-in platform takes care of limiting the internal temperature of the device.
The Lenovo PHAB Plus has 13MP rear and 5MP front cameras that ensure crisp images regardless of setting. Compared to other android phones (Samsung & LG), the photos appear more edited in high contrast. For some people who like shooting raw, this might be a deal breaker. But for those who don’t spend time editing photos, you might end up liking how the photos come out.
Lenovo PHAB Plus Selfie Shot
Before leaving for the US, Reine and I took a “see you soon” shot using Lenovo PHAB Plus selfie camera.
Cats photo using Lenovo PHAB Plus rear camera
Our two cats, Toffee (orange) and Johnny (charcoal) sleeping peacefully together.
Greenbelt Garden using Lenovo PHAB Plus rear camera
Women with small hands like me tend to feel clumsy holding such a ginormous phone. Encased in an acclaimed uni-body design with round edges and polished buttons, it’s a delight to experience its slim and lightweight aluminum built. If you’ve held an iPhone 6s Plus, you’ll think you’re holding one with a Lenovo PHAB Plus. It’s not the most comfortable phone I’ve tried yet you’ll find it manageable once you get used to holding it for a week. Also, the colors are PHABulous – Gunmetal Grey and Champagne Gold. Just be sure you’re ready to keep this size in your evening bag.
Big in Entertainment
If entertainment matters, Lenovo PHAB Plus embraces this as their biggest asset. The entertainment-focused tablet features a 6.8-inch full HD panel display with a bright and crisp definition of 326ppi. Ideal phone for people who finds a space in the room to stream videos (Hooq or iFlix at least), read photo-heavy articles or play games. In-Plane Switching (IPS) technology guarantees an ultra-wide viewing angle, significantly enhancing screen legibility and color vibrancy for watching videos and viewing social media content like instagram. Not only that, it features Dolby Atmos to deliver a complete mobile entertainment experience.
Gamers might want to pay attention to this. The device’s Qualcomm Snapdragon 615 octa-core chip with 2GB of memory gets the job done. This ensures smooth functions and usability and boosting virtual experiences.
Size Comparison: Lenovo PHAB Plus (6.8″) vs. LG G4 (5.5″)
“Keeping the tech-savvy millennial generation in mind, Lenovo addresses the popularity of larger-screen personal devices, while acknowledging the portability struggles associated with tablet computers. The new Lenovo PHAB Plus conquers these boundaries, merging the fun of a tablet with the portability of a smartphone in an attainable and very competitive price tag,” said Michael Ngan, Country General Manager, Lenovo Philippines.
Lenovo PHAB Plus Price – Php 14,999
Pricing and Availability
The Lenovo PHAB Plus is now available exclusively in all Allphones stores nationwide for a reasonable price – PHP14,999. 
You may also avail Lenovo PHAB Plus via Allphones Shopping Money—a uniquely Allphones offer that comes with every Globe myLifestyle Postpaid Plan. With Allphones Shopping Money, you get to complete and personalize your Lenovo PHAB Plus experience by pairing it with the latest speakers, powerbanks and digital connectors that fit your digital lifestyle.
On top of that, you get to enjoy a discounted cash-out price of PHP3,500 on the Lenovo PHAB Plus with Globe myLifestyle Plan 999. With it comes unlimited calls and texts to Globe/TM, mobile internet, lifestyle packs and access to rich content. The Lenovo PHAB Plus is also available at Globe Tattoo Plan 999 with P9,000 cash-out.
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