If I could describe SM Clark Foodcourt in one sentence, it will sound like this, “A breath of fresh air!”
Going down from the drop-off, the wide scene of ground fountain welcomed me and my peers. All first timers in SM Clark, everyone was amused with the aura SM Clark impressed. True enough, first impression lasts. Right on spot, that entrance led us exactly to where the foodcourt is located.
I had to double check with the security guard if this was the foodcourt. Strange for a first timer in SM Clark that the foodcourt looks neat and classy in white and modern interiors. A part is even designed with high ceilings. The ambiance is spacious and relaxing, far from typical foodcourts I saw in Manila.
More than the ambiance, the curated comfort eats in SM Clark foodcourt also earned our attention.
If you find yourself in Clark Pampanga anytime soon, check out my list of Must-Try Comfort Food in SM Clark Foodcourt.
1. Mixed Grill, Turkish Doner
Mixed Grill (Php 280)
Store: Turkish Doner
Turkish Doner’s Mixed Grill tops my list for its authentic and decent savory Turkish dishes at a fair price. It was a Turkish delight in one platter, filled with chicken, pork and beef meat, in kebab and doner form. Eaten with a pita or with rice, there was no disappointment with this hidden Pampanga gem. To cleanse your spiced tastebuds, Mixed Grill platter comes with 2 pcs. of Canelé-like bread.
2. Tom Yum Soup, Purple Pad Thai
Tom Yum (Php 160)
Store: Purple Pad Thai
The spiciness of Purple Pad Thai’s Tom Yum made me demand for more. Circling Thai flavors playing all around the tips of my tastebuds was the real deal. It had generous amount of seafood and greens, a value for money given its price.
3. Double Dembu Burger, Francis D’s Burgers
Double Dembu (Php 180)
Store: Francis D’s Burgers
For a change from your usual fast food burgers, hop in to Francis D’s Burgers. Double Dembu, in short for ‘dembuhala’ or huge, is their best-selling burger. Two patties with melted and cheese and their secret recipe dressing.
4. Japchae, Seoul Bibimbob
Japchae (Php 100)
Store: Seoul Bibimbob
The popularity of Bibimbob in every SM Foodcourt is unstoppable. Even in SM Clark, the crowd lines up for their own black sizzling plate of Korean food. I’ve tried other rice meals from Seoul Bibimbob but trying their Japchae (Korean noodles) was a first. The idea of preserving its freshness in hot sizzling plate sells like pancakes. Count me in as one of those crazies for their meals.
5. Salmon Teriyaki Teppan, Don Don Tei
Salmon Teriyaki Teppan (Php 185)
Store: Don Don Tei
What could go wrong with Salmon Teriyaki Teppan combo? Thick salmon slices in teriyaki sauce, served on a hot plate. For me, that’s the type of lunch I’ll get on a bad hair day. Salmon never fails. Thus, it’s my ultimate comfort food.
If you’re allergic to seafood, Don Don Tei offers more meaty Japanese rice plates and of course, sushi in the court!
6. Betute Tugak, Kusina Manyaman
Betute Tugak (Php 130)
Store: Kusina Manyaman
From international cuisine in SM Clark Foodcourt, we now jump to the local cuisine. Betute Tugak, an adventurous Kapampangan frog dish, is highly recommended especially if you haven’t tried any frog dish yet. These frogs lying down are stuffed with minced pork and deep-fried like chicken. The taste pleases with its chicken-like legs. Don’t forget to dip in spiced vinegar for an enjoyable Kapampangan plate.
7. Bulalo, Kusina Manyaman
Bulalo (Php 199)
Store: Kusina Manyaman
I was charmed by Kusina Manyaman’s Bulalo, generously thick slices of beef with cabbage, corn and potatoes in light clear soup. Tagaytay is not only the place to be for Bulalo, surprisingly SM Clark’s Bulalo is a real charmer.
8. Super Squid, Ihaw Juan
Super Squid (Php 169)
Store: Ihaw Juan
Grilled jumbo Super Squid would be the choice of those who prefer the simplicity of appreciating seafood, grilling it. Served with a small bowl of veggie kare-kare, one person cannot complain after being fed with this jam-packed plate.
9. Pork Steak, Sizzling Plate
Pork Steak
Store: Sizzling Plate
To stick to the old favorites, Sizzling Plate doesn’t disappoint with their Pork Steak topped with mushrooms with a cup of java rice. Sizzling Plate is a staple find in SM Foodcourts. I can’t imagine SM Foodcourt without it!
10. Halo-Halo, Razon’s Halo-Halo & Palabok
Halo-Halo (Php 75)
Store: Razon’s Halo-Halo & Palabok
You have lost your mind if you can’t appreciate Razon’s Halo-Halo. I extremely love the simplicity of this Halo-Halo. Only a few ingredients but generous in its amount. Milky shaved ice blended perfectly with sweetened banana, langka and leche flan. For your dessert, you wouldn’t want to miss this!
Tip: Razon’s Halo-Halo is always cheaper in Pampanga, where it originally came from.
What’s your favorite comfort food in SM Clark Foodcourt?

Share with me your thoughts! 🙂

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