Nobody can predict when the Katsu craze will end? I think, it has become a staple in our country. Our continuous love for Japanese food – ramen, tonkatsu, sushi, etc. is an evidence that Japanese cuisine has a big spot in our Filipino hearts.
Tokyo Tokyo, known for quality, delicious yet affordable Japanese food, has been the go-to place of foodies looking for an upgraded quick-service restaurant with a variety of food choices. My family introduced me to Tokyo Tokyo when I was in grade school and it was their rice meals that was an immediate favorite of the group. Not just our family, I know most of you are fans of Tokyo Tokyo’s rice meals because of its complete Japanese experience.
Tokyo Tokyo continues to expand its menu to satisfy patrons like us, which is why with the popularity of the Katsu craze hitting Manila by storm, Tokyo Tokyo is riding this wave as it launches their biggest katsu ever. Introducing, the Big Chicken Katsu Bento!
Original Chicken Katsu
Original Chicken Katsu captures the classic taste every katsu lover yearns for – thick cuts of tender chicken breast fillet coated with crispy and golden Japanese Panko breadcrumbs. One serving is more than enough for one person. But if you adore it so much like I do, I actually think you might end up not sharing your plate and ask for more rice. Haha!
Starting P169, you could savor this high quality chicken katsu meal.
Teriyaki Chicken Katsu
Filipinos who are born to love sweet and savory plates will find their match in this Teriyaki Chicken Katsu. Made for those who stay on the conservative sweet side, Teriyaki Chicken Katsu has the right amount of sweetness that blends harmoniously and doesn’t overpower. The approach of Terikyaki flavor makes even kids love it!
Asian Spice Chicken Katsu
My personal choice is the Asian Spice Chicken Katsu. The more adventurous Asian Spice has that peppery and salty taste, similar to several Taiwanese chicken shops I’ve tried. Rice is an obvious partner with chicken katsu. Although in some instances, I think it sits perfectly as my afternoon or midnight snack. In other words, there is no doubt I’ll crave for this flavor from time to time.
When ordering the Big Chicken Katsu, it is usually complemented by shredded cabbage with Japanese mayo on the side and comes with all the rice you can eat.
To my readers who are looking for a big meal with big flavors, I strongly recommend you to head to the Tokyo Tokyo branch nearest you and try the newest Big Chicken Katsu!
What do you think of Big Chicken Katsu from Tokyo Tokyo?
 Share with me your thoughts! 🙂
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 Pray, Eat and Love.
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