To explore Lotte World Mall, that’s the agenda for the day.
With the help of our Korean friend Ponny, she wrote down clear subway directions to go to Jamsil Station, where Lotte World Mall is. We started moving past 9 in the morning and arrived our destination at around 10. From Jamsil subway station, it was trouble-free to find our way to the mall since they were all connected and directional signs are everywhere.
If you’re planning your trip to Seoul soon, here’s a list of what to do in Lotte World Mall.

 1. Go to Lotte World Theme Park

According to Guinness World Record, Lotte World is the world’s largest indoor theme park. Inside the park, expect a huge number of rides and attractions, including festivals and performances. You don’t need to worry about bringing an umbrella when rain pours. The convenience of indoor theme parks allow you to visit any time of the year.
Whether you’re a child or a child at heart, this is a place to build magical memories in Korea.

2. Ice Skating at Korea’s largest skating rink

A part of Lotte World’s attraction is the Ice Skating Rink. It sets the record as Korea’s largest ice skating rink. On the other hand, if you don’t want to risk falling flat on your butt, you could watch the young Koreans practice speed skating. It’s something we don’t see in Manila.

2. Pass by Lee Sung Dang bakery

Dubbed as the oldest bakery in Korea since 1945, Lee Sung Dang has a modern looking branch in Lotte World Mall. I had a quick chat with two customers and ask what people usually buy. The consensus I got was this bread fused with red bean paste, called as danpatppang. The branch in Jamsil had an endless long queue but I’ve heard the original branch in Gunsan prevails as the favorite local bakery, with longer queue.
Korean Style Hotdog Buns

4. Explore interesting food finds

Fried Squid (₩ 7,000)
Store: Ozzang
Like this Giant Fried Squid with sweet onion powder from Ozzang, you could wear your ‘food scout’ hat on to be adventurous as a foodie.
One Chinese restaurant beside the Ice Skating rink served this sautéed seafood dish with baby octopus as the key ingredient.
Green Tea Castella (₩ 7,000)

Food courts in Seoul are superb! Zoom in your vision to snacks and dishes sold at the food court. Few steps away from the exit, I sighted something green and puffy. You know me, I get intrigued with green snacks, expecting they’re matcha flavored. Ta-dah! Exactly what my body’s dose of matcha needs, Green Tea Castella. Hot Japanese sponge yet moist cake shaped like a huge and thick bibingka.

5. Catch cherry blossoms at the park.

Cross the street, spot the blooms, and find your spot. Precisely how we rolled at the park outside Lotte World.
Stand still, feel pretty and take an obligatory photo. The camera’s shutter didn’t want to stop with the beautiful scene surrounding us. We felt like owning one part of the park where no one bothered to get in the way. Obviously, we acted like tourists taking numerous shots of ourselves posing all over the park. Haha! We carried big baggages so we didn’t have a choice but to leave it at one corner. Thank God, it was generally safe in Korea.

What do you think of Lotte World Mall?
Share with me your thoughts! 🙂
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