I love kids! Playing with them acts as an instant stress-relieving medicine. In our home and O’s home, the kids are the center of attention. I get to observe what are the things they love, the food that magnetizes them and the toys that distract them. When I brought home a box of Sipahh flavored straws, I knew my cousin Nathan and Katie will run to me for more.
Sipahh milk flavoring straws are rich in with protein, calcium, and riboflavin.
Sipahh milk flavoring straws looked strange to Nathan. He was curious what it does and how it is actually fun as I described to him. First, I asked him what flavor he wants to try from the box. Flavors are the following: Luscious strawberry, Choco-bean chocolate, Mellow-yellow banana smoothie, Okey-dokey cookies & cream and Chilled-out Choc-mint.
The 9-year old boy grabbed the pink luscious strawberry-flavored straw while I tried cookies & cream for myself.
To start, you need a glass of milk – full cream milk, reduced fat milk or soy milk – and your choice of Sipahh straw.
Dip the straw into the glass of milk.
Next, sip from the straw and have the strawberry flavor all for yourself. Beaded flavors are compressed in one straw where you taste the richness of each flavor as you sip from the straw. Milk and flavoring blend evenly.
I find it soooo cool and messfree! Convenient to carry around to school or anywhere else. It’s a brilliant idea to incorporate the flavors in straws. I felt like Nathan’s age while discovering each flavored straws.
 Kids approve Sipahh milk flavoring straws! Since that day, Nathan would ask me to prepare milk for him and of course, that comes with a piece of Sipahh straw for every glass of milk.
If you have kids, I recommend this product for their afternoon snacks or a companion to their boring morning milk. Even adults will find happiness in sipping from Sipahh straws.
 Have you tried discovering Sipahh milk flavoring straws?
Share with me your thoughts! 🙂
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