Hey! Have you tried McRib already?
If your answer is ‘no,’ I just need to remind you that this McDonald’s burger is available for a limited time only. Uh-huh! Anytime soon, the name McRib on the menu will suddenly disappear and lose your chance.
Together with the kids at home, we had a little McDonald’s party since we didn’t want to miss our chance of trying McRib for the first time.
Meet my cousin Ice…
…and my sister Reine.
Both very excited to take a big bite on their first McRib burger.
McRib Burger (Php 99, A la carte) 
The talk of the town burger became the talk of our home right after we slowly finished our own burgers. To describe you how I experienced this burger, I first embraced the soft long buns with my small hands. Held the 5-inch burger and gently took a mouthful.
First, I noticed the special barbecue sauce that mattered the most to flavorize the entire piece. Sweet, smoky and generous amount of barbecue sauce all over the long pork rib burger. I can’t deny it is specially formulated to fit a typical pinoy’s taste. The sweetness is strongly evident than its smoky flavor.
Second, the toppings (onions and pickles) fell short of what is visually required. Although upon biting until I finished the burger, I understood the toppings were meant to be lessened for a subtle approach. Eliminate the pickles and onion bits, the package still continues to satisfy a McRib lover’s cravings.
Last, the overall burger passes as a comfort food for anyone who needs a good barbecue burger. Pork lovers will raise their thumbs up for this quick burger fix. A good variety in McDonald’s aside from the usual beef burgers on the menu board.
If you want to drop the onions and pickles but still need to add more texture to the burger, you may choose to get the new McRib Deluxe. This replaces the onions and pickles with fresh crisp lettuce and creamy mayonnaise for Php119, a la carte.
Let me remind you, McRib is out in all McDonald’s stores nationwide for a limited time only.
My question for you is… Should McRib stay longer in McDonald’s Philippines?
Share with me your thoughts! 🙂
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Pray, Eat and Love.
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