Not too far away but it was only the first time I mixplored my way to Jamba Juice’ Tomas Morato branch.
Among the Jamba Juice branches I visited within Metro Manila, Tomas Morato is the only branch with a high-ceiling, which adds suaveness to the branch facade.
Inside, it feels spacious that I can take a full stretch comfortably. (Haha! Feeling tall!) Buildings with high ceilings mesmerize me instantly. Even if it doesn’t appear too fancy but the ceiling is double the height of one floor, there’s a sudden attachment between me and the establishment.
 Haven’t encountered any problem with Jamba Juice’ cordial service, so far. Every Jamba Juice resident mixplorer I meet shows me prompt and warm service.
The new flavor I had my hands on was Orange-A-Peel, combined power of
strawberries, bananas, orange juice, and frozen yogurt. This is perfect for our hot tropical country. The cold air of December and January is slowly saying farewell, which means the heat of summer is paying us a long visit, once again. Oh how I wish the cold air stays longer than usual. How I wish!
On the other hand, O rested from his favorite Peanut Butter Moo’d and tried to get fruity with a 12oz. cup of Strawberries Wild. Love affair of strawberries, banana and frozen yogurt.
Have you visited Jamba Juice Tomas Morato branch and mixplored your favorite Jamba Juice flavor?
Share with me your thoughts Mixplorer! 🙂
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Pray, Eat and Love.
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