The movie Charlie and the Chocolate Factory influenced my childhood, giving me illusions of becoming like Willy Wonka. I imagined my house transformed into a large factory with rooms and machines to make bubble gum balls, peanut butter cups, classic “Nerd’s”, sour tapes, chocolate bars and candy jars in every corner of the factory. Older and wiser, I don’t think that’s the dream I still have for myself. Although, I can’t take out my attraction towards candy stores I see in public malls.
For an instance, I would always stop by Made in Candy, SM Megamall or Rockwell branch, just to watch candymen create candies using their hands. I somehow wished to be immersed as a candyman even just for a day.
I didn’t know if Made in Candy heard my wishful thinkings and invited me to their candy kitchen. Luckily, I didn’t stop as a spectator and a candy eater of Made in Candy products. One afternoon, I joined the candymen make some candies!

Made in Candy

Singaporean brand Made in Candy gained followers because of its artistic and customized sugar creations made in front of you. There’s no hidden factory where you’ll wonder how your candies are produced. At Made in Candy, glass windows are transparent and uncovered to give you a show of their sweet hard-work. Popular as giveaways for weddings and parties, the candy kitchen can write your name on more than a thousand pieces of bite-sized candies.

Candy Making

Before touching anything in the kitchen, we had to create a design to follow. The clover design, chosen by one of the candymen, was hung and displayed to serve as our inspiration (to avoid confusion too) while making candies.
If you wish your name on the design, take note that it should be 8-14 letters max.

Now how do we begin creating the edible candies? First and foremost, we need the important ingredient – sugar! We mixed sugar and water on one hot boiling pot. Waited for less than 20 minutes until the sugar mixture was ready. To ensure its right temperature, a thermometer was dipped in the hot tub of sugar & water.
The candyman carried the hot sugar pot and transferred everything on a hot table. In this way, we can form a dough-like texture of candy.

Next, food coloring was poured over. Now the chosen colors depends on your design. Our design mainly consists of two colors – green and white. (Animo La Salle!)
As you can see, from its liquid sugar mixture, the block of candy solidified. The candyman used scissors to cut the candy into parts, depending on its color.
From that point, I wore my gloves and began to join the candymen perform our assigned “Clover Candy” task.
Since the candy was really hot, it was necessary to wear 2 types of gloves. My hands and arms did most of the work rolling and stretching the candy. Reminded me of biceps exercises in the gym with all the push and pull movements.
While watching candymen from outside the kitchen, it seemed effortless as if they were just playing with large and thick play doughs. Being in their shoes for hours changed my view of candy-making.
The design of our Clover Candy required us to divide parts, based on color, then combine everything to finalize one whole piece. The whole process was really time-consuming. Plus, it takes a candyman to be meticulous just like in baking pastries.
We formed a long and thick cucumber clover! Hahaha! At that point, nervousness bothered me, but I hid it behind my “working” face. Well, I just didn’t want to make any mistake. Hehe.
We stretched and stretched until it gets tiny, smaller than a 5-centavo coin.
If the size is right, time to cut them into bite-sized pieces that will fit a small jar.
For a closer look, this is the outcome of our clover rock design. Several pieces were also cut in bigger portions to make a lollipop.
Now what about the taste? Checkmark for the presentation and I’d say another checkmark for its taste. Made in Candy uses natural flavors, which reflects in every piece of candy you’ll encounter.
The booming business of Made in Candy are becoming famous as giveaways.
Here’s how to order custom candies:
The candy girl in me couldn’t stop raving about the candy I made to my family. Proud moment for me! Haha! 😀
What do you think of Made in Candy?


Share with me your thoughts! 🙂
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