Part of my goal for 2015 is to live a Healthier lifestyle. I’ve jotted down my action plan – eat and drink healthier with an obligatory regular exercise. That doesn’t mean I’m about to deprive myself from all the fun and succulent dishes. Nope, that’s not the point. With a healthier lifestyle, I won’t have to be afraid to pick and eat whatever’s served on the table.
Speaking of marching towards a healthier lifestyle, healthy beverages come along. How could I forget my favorite Jamba Juice store when I need a sip of a fruity drink.

Since I love fruits, guaranteed any Jamba Juice flavor would be amicable to my thirst. I asked my followers from Instagram and Twitter what flavor they wanted me to try. I noticed never have I ever ordered a purple drink from Jamba Juice. So I accepted one of my followers’ challenge, to try Acai Berry on 12oz. cup as required.

Acai Berry, 12oz.
Rich in anti-oxidants, which is the standard our body needs.

Also last month, my fellow mixplorer Seph dared me to try Mango-A-Go-Go. Just a few days after getting the dare, I rushed to the nearest Jamba Juice store with mom. Accomplished the dare without any complaints, the Mango-A-Go-Go refreshes and energizes to keep me “go lang ng go!”
Before shopping, this drink – Mango-A-Go-Go – was much need to boost the energy.
What Jamba Juice drink have you mixplored so far?
Share with me your thoughts! 🙂
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Pray, Eat and Love.
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