The thought of corned beef cooking in the kitchen arouses my sleepy head in the morning. From the smell, its steaming aroma tantalizing my nose, to its final outcome on my breakfast plate. Aahhh, the sight of corned beef for breakfast speaks silently to me to get my spoon and fork and scoop away!
But then, I could be quite picky with my canned corned beef. I would know the taste if that’s my favorite brand or not. Growing up, as parents discover several brands one at a time, my taste on corned beef have evolved. I would know what’s premium and what’s not.
Recently, I’ve discovered something new in the market worth raving about. In case you haven’t heard of it, Highlands Gold Corned Beef deserves the spotlight.

Highlands Gold Corned Beef

No need to sugarcoat how premium Highlands Gold Corned Beef is.
The new product is made from the choicest cuts of Angus Beef, which is aimed to abundantly savor that juicy and steak flavor everybody loves.  
Easy-to-open can, without the hassle of looking for your can opener and using up your muscles to open the huge and heavy can.
Each can is full and jam-packed with long meat strands embraced with natural beef flavor.
Highlands Gold (Php 150/320g can)
If there’s one thing I could highlight, it’s the perfect combo of steak and Angus Beef merged together in one can of corned beef!
My standards levelled up once more!

The Cooked Food:

Either in bread or in rice, corned beef suits both choices perfectly.
Highlands Gold Corned Beef & Cheese Burger
Normally, pandesal and corned beef work together as my easy-to-prepare morning breakfast. Nothing else to add. While I was heating Highlands Gold Corned Beef on the pan, I realized the meat is too premium not to add more style and elegance as I serve it. About time to level up how I cook and prepare meals as well.
I tried what I can do, made use of what we have in the kitchen. And my first Highlands Gold Corned Beef recipe resulted to this Highlands Gold Corned Beef & Cheese Burger.
It’s pretty easy to make any meal gourmet with Angus Beef on my corned beef.
I guess I’m seeing my future cravings. I think I’d long for this taste every morning I crave for corned beef.
Wake Me Up Highlands Gold Corned Beef 
Next up, I prepared for the rice eaters in my home, specifically for the men. I call this the Wake Me Up Highlands Gold Corned Beef, layered with rice, Highlands Gold Corned Beef and a runny sunny side up egg.
An easy to love breakfast rice dish that surely awakens anyone in the house. Give them a thick slab of corned beef, a wide cup of rice and a hat of egg to top it all off. You’d give them extra reasons to wake up joyfully every morning.
Have you tried the new Highlands Gold Corned Beef?
Share me your thoughts foodie! 🙂
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Pray, Eat and Love.
The Food Scout
Budget: PHP150++